Herzing Helps Turn Impossible into “I’m Possible”

For over fifty years, Herzing University has committed to helping people overcome challenges in their pursuit of a better life. Founded by my parents Henry and Suzanne Herzing in 1965 as a family-held institution, Herzing has always been dedicated to providing a supportive educational environment that enables students to reach their personal and professional potential.
Today, as the president of Herzing University, now a nonprofit private institution, I strive to continue that legacy.
So many of our students come to us believing that earning a degree is impossible. At the same time, they know that it’s a necessity. Either they need to reenter the workforce, move beyond their hourly job, or advance in their current field. Career-focused education can make that possible, and we at Herzing have over 50 years of experience in helping people achieve their goals. It’s a commitment that goes beyond the classroom to support individual students’ needs, styles and passions.
I am writing this message today as my commitment to you that Herzing University will help you discover that there are ways to pursue your college education, seek financial assistance and graduate with a degree. You can see what our students say about us, which is often, “Herzing feels like family.”
Please continue to follow our blog, engage through social media, and most importantly, take the next step and reach out to us. I am confident that we can help you turn what might have seemed impossible into new possibilities.
Renée Herzing has been President of Herzing University since March 1, 2009. After attaining a bachelor’s degree from Brown University, she taught abroad in Scotland and Germany for nine years before completing her M.B.A. online. She has worked in various positions at Herzing at the campus level, including Registrar, Director of Admissions, and President of the Online Campus. Outside of work, she enjoys travel, music, and most of all, spending time with her husband and two children.

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