Career Planning and Its Importance in HR

” A career is a job you love, right? That’s what a career should be. If you’re in a job that you hate, you should quit. That’s the way I look at it. I’m in a job that I love, so I’m going to make it my career.”

By Cameron Sinclair

A career can be described as a sequence of jobs that a person experiences overtime. A career is basically composed of the jobs held, work done and titled earned over a period of time. It comprises of a series of work related activities, that provides continuity, order and meaning to a person’s life. Career is something which don’t make you feel that life has become monotonous but it is something which gives you self satisfaction and it is the work which you really enjoy and while doing that you don’t feel burdensome. As it is rightly said by Confucius – “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Career Planning may be defined as a process by which career goals and individual capabilities can be matched with the opportunities. It is a planning done by a person in order to have a strong career path. It is a continuous, lifelong and a systematic process by which one selects career goals and path to these goals. It is not an event but a process of developing human resource so that they can achieve desired goals. In simple terms, it is an individual’s choice of career and occupation which he or she loves to do. It is very important to know that individual and organisational goals are not different from each other rather they are interdependent on eachother. This we can understand from the following lines that when a person is not able to convert his career plan into action while staying in the particular organisation he or she may probably think of quitting the job and joining the other organisation if he has a choice. So, for avoiding this type of situation, organisation should help their employees in career planning so that they both can satisfy each other’s goals and by this way the organisation can retain its employees, the employee will become more loyal to the organisation, the organisation will able to reduce labour turnover. Apart from these, Career Planning also has many importance too and they are –

  • Career Planning helps an employee to know the career opportunities available in the organisation.
  • Once an individual is clear about his career path, he can be more focused and can make efforts for self development.
  • It helps in increasing productivity.
  • It provides needed direction which will help you further to achieve your goals.
  • Career Planning helps in assured availability of talent and it also helps in attracting and retaining talent.
  • Career Planning helps in promoting organisational image as employees are one of the best media to project the image.
  • Career Planning helps in development and growth in employees and it also helps in reducing labour turnover.
  • Through this the employee become more loyal to the organisation and it further increases their morale and motivates them to work hard.
  • Career Planning helps in satisfying employees needs and it shows employee’s potential.

Last But Not the Least

Even though career planning takes a lot of time, effort and work but there is nothing more rewarding than this as it is something which you enjoy.

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