Importance of Induction

Induction means introduction of a new employee to the job and the organisation. It is the process of welcoming an employee when he or she first joins the organisation and giving him or her the basic information that he or she should know. Induction process is important for employees as he holds an important and the most eminent role in building the image of the organisation. It is not only receiving and welcoming an employee in an organisation but also it is the process of making him or her familiar with its culture. Induction is a type of training given to new employees. As new employees need to understand the organisation’s mission, goals, values and philosophy, health and safety rules and the job they are required to do. The main aim of an induction session is to familiarise the employee to the organisation and its culture and to guarantee a successful integration of the employees and the management. If an organisation provides a well – planned induction program to its employees this will help in employee retention. Induction program is needed as it clearly indicates that what is expected from an employee in terms of standard and style of the work they are to perform, it also helps the employee to develop their aptitude and talents. The importance of Induction are –

  • Job Satisfaction and Positive Attitude – The Induction program can contribute towards the development of a positive attitude towards the employer and the organisation and job satisfaction on the part of new employee. Induction program ensures that the new employee knows all the policies of the organisation and other employment practices.
  • Contribute to Organisational Success more quickly – Induction program helps in assisting new employee to contribute to organisational success more quickly. At the induction program, an employee get to know about various important things which is essential for them to know. This will help the employee to fulfill both personal and organisational goals.
  • Reduces Employee Turnover – It is seen that employee turnover is particularly high during the employee’s initial period of service. So, this induction program helps in boosting the morale of new employee as through this program the employee feels motivated and also get a feeling that everyone is there to support him or her. And if the same session does not take place in any organisation the employee build up negative feelings towards the task during this time and then the employee leave the organisation. An effective induction session can make a positive contribution towards limiting employee turnover.
  • Sense of Belongingness – An induction program helps in bringing a sense of belongingness in the mind of a new employee as a day is spent on them for introduction with their new colleagues, superiors, etc. On this particular day itself new employees foster better social bonds with their fellow mates.
  • Saves a lot of Time and Money – As this is the first training program in which the employee participate after he joins the organisation. If an employee is trained nicely in the induction session, he or she can easily adapt the environment and the new role and can give his or her best. And in this way the organisation can save a lot of time and money.

Last But Not the Least

Recruitment process and induction programs work together during the hiring process of an employee into an organisation. Induction session is a great way to train your new employees on their new roles in the organisation and give them a great start at your organisation.

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