Importance of Festivals

It is hard to imagine a world where society doesn’t celebrate any festivals. Just try to imagine a world without Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Id, Holi. Their are so many festivals that are celebrated that it would be practically impossible to recall all of them.

Celebrating these festivals is not just important in order to remember our culture but also to gather around the entire community and talk, and eat, and laugh. In order for the Society to properly exist in the world, festivals act like those pillars that balance our it. Kids get an opportunity to experience their culture and history. Our grandparents and other older citizens get to remind the next generation about the significance of celebrating these festivals. The entire family gathers around and catches up on their lost time. They share all the successes, all the stories and reconnect with their family. Apart from that, other people, people who are not related to us by blood, become our friends and we end up forming our own little traditions.

For example, a young girl and her grandma may form a tradition of making sweets together. Or a parent taking help from their children to decorate the house. Yes, they become busier during festivals because of all the preparation. But the process of preparation of these festivals is in itself another festival. This way, people make memories that they become fond of.

I for one cannot imagine a world without festivals. They are an expressive way to celebrate our glorious heritage, culture and traditions. They bring joy to children. The thing is that we are dependent on social heritage, which is a mixture of customs, traditions, moral values, beliefs and ideals. It not only 8makes us who we are but binds us to pass it on from one generation to another.

Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbors into dialogue, they increase creativity, and they offer opportunities for civic pride.

The world is chaotic. Everyone is rushing to get to places. Everyone is pushing their own limits in order to feed their family. Children are stressed out because of pressure from school and the fear of disappointing their well wishers. Employees over work themselves into a cardiac arrest and other health hazards and overall, we don’t get time to enjoy the natural beauty and small things that actually matter in our lives.

By celebrating festivals, we not only get to catch up with everything other than work and studies, but we also get to enjoy the company of our loved ones. In my opinion, each day SHOULD BE celebrated as a festival. It will not only make our live non-monotonous but it will also bring the people around us a little bit closer.

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