What do you call a person who loves darkness? The answer is ‘Nyctophile.’ Nyctophile refers to a person who loves darkness and nights.

Nyctophile word is derived from the Ancient Greek word (nukt) which is a variation of ‘núx,’ meaning ‘night,’ plus (phile) meaning “loving.”

Nyctophiles find relaxation and comfort in the darkness. It feels like a peace in the darkness. A sense of warmth in the nights where they are just with themselves and nobody else.

Nyctophiles are mesmerized by the darkness full of silence with no one in between where they don’t feel like talking to anybody. Where they feel safe and can enjoy the dark peacefully with no chaos and no people surrounded near them.

Nyctophile people feel they own this darkness. They wait for the whole day to end just to enjoy the night. Mornings are good but the peace that the darkness gives them it’s a completely different feeling which only nyctophile people experience.

Nyctophile is not kind of a disorder or a disease. It is really not. Some people love mornings, some love evenings, and some love the dark i.e the nights.

They can be their own self without having any fear of being judged. They don’t sleep at nights even if they feel drowsy, they just do not want to miss the darkness. How can they miss it? They would have to wait for an another day to end to just enjoy the darkness again.

Nyctophile doesn’t mean you have to go out to enjoy the darkness or your nights. You can enjoy it at the comfort of your home as well. Some poeple discover themselves in the dark. Everyone has a different idea of experiencing their love for the darkness.

Nyctophiles prefer to work more and dilligently in the dark instead of working in the day. They feel a comfort in the nights and tend to work woth full dedication and enjoy it. They feel that their minds are more powerful in the dark compared to the day light.

Would like to add some few words in hindi. “Raat me jo sukoon hain vo sukoon or kahan.”

Well, once you find your peace in the dark then there is no way of going back. You would love to spend more n more time every single night. You would stay up late nights just to feel that peace. After all peace is the most important thing that we all need in our life.

When lights leave, darkness gives them shelter. The person who walked so much through the dark eventually ends up loving the darkness and that is really not a problem. They just start loving the darkness so much that it makes them happy and alive. They start to feel free in the nights more than in the days.

So, being a nyctophile is an amazing feeling and you would always love it without any regrets.

Nyctophiles believe that they belong in the darkness. They accept that they love this darkness or nights more than anything. Once a nyctophile, always an nyctophile.

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