“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”. – Paul J. Meyer

The above quote is very true. Communication is the basic thing which is required for existence and survival of humans as well as an organisation. Really personal and organisational and career oriented goals cannot be achieved without communication. Communication means conveying or exchanging of ideas, knowledge, information or opinions from one place, person or group to another by speech, writing or signs. Business Communication is exchanging or conveying of information or opinions to promote an organisation’s goals and objectives. Communication helps people to have access to knowledge, experience and expertise as these are the essential things which are necessary for achieving growth and development. Communication takes place in all living things. It is a part of our life without which we can’t survive. Communication involves sending messages and being more precise, sending meaningful messages from one person to another. The messages may be in the form of oral or written. The communication can be by means of seeing, hearing, touching, etc. The purpose of communication is to obtain some results, response or feedback. One single person can’t communicate so communication involves plurality of person which means at least two persons are involved in every communication. In which one will be a sender. A sender is a person who sends his ideas, information or opinions. And the second person will be a receiver. A receiver is a person who receives the ideas, information or opinions send by the sender and give back some response or feedback. Communication is a continuous and a two-way process. The primary purpose of communication is to motivate a response. Communication can motivate employees by clarifying to them what is to be done and if they do the things correctly and his superiors appreciate him for the same it will motivate them to work more harder. Communication is always existing and an unavoidable phenomenon. It is a universal and a social process. As we all are a social animals and we can satisfy our basic needs and desires through written, spoken or non-verbal message. And all the living beings whether it is humans, animals, insects or birds communicate through their own symbols and signs. So, the importance of communication are –

  • Smooth Running of the Enterprise- Communication helps in smooth and unrestricted running of an enterprise. Whether the organisation is big or small, public or private sector communication plays a major role in each and every organisation.
  • Quick Decisions and Implementation- Communication helps the organisation to take vital decision. So an effective communication can help in taking quick and systematic implementation of the management decision.
  • Proper Planning and Coordination- Communication helps a lot in proper planning and coordination. The widest possible participation in planning is a pre-condition for getting the task done and this can be done only through a media of communication.
  • Morale Building- Communication helps in resolving grievances and problems that are faced by employees and thus this helps in increasing the morale of the employees.
  • Improve Public Relation- A good communication system helps in ensuring free-flow of information between the organisation and various other components of the society like customers, suppliers, bankers and public at large. Communication also helps in building a good image in the mind of the public.

Last But Not the Least

Communication is important not only in professional life but in personal life too. As it is a tool which either makes or breaks any relation. So think hundred times before saying anything.

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