A person is what he/she believes to be, mind is too powerful, it can make hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell. Meaning to say is that mind plays a vital role in everyone’s life.It manages all the function and bring new thoughts. When a person get the thoughts, the basic idea is to note it down in a page with a pen and implement in the individual’s life. I am just a person who learns each and every time, has a keen interest to discover new things and innovative ideas. A long journey has been done from a person , what I was and what I am today. There is a huge difference. To be a law student, one should maintain the rhythm , flow of study, calm mind and day to day researches. One should develop the different skills and overall development always matters. We always take from the society, but there is always a time, when we need to give society, a path to follow, or a change.

Life always gives a chance to achieve something, to turn bad into good, negative into positive, its just we need to catch the time and move with it. So, I am here to experience the platform and to be a part of this organisation with helping in the development of the organisation. Self- motivation and motivating others for a good life is very much essential, and through this at a large, it is possible that the massage could reach to more and more people, and the policies of this organisation adds up to it. It is an honor to be a part of it.


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