Iran -China increasing strategic closeness

A couple of days ago , Reported by The New york times that Iran and China have come very close to sign a land mark agreement that involves a massive economic and strategic partnership between the two countries.As per this proposed agreement China is expected to invest Billions of dollars in the Iranian economy specially in Oil and energy sector and the port and Infra sector which has been the hardest hit because of the American sanctions .

So this economic partnership between the Iran and china promises to dilute the American sanctions on the key sector of the Iranian economy .China has the capability to deliver on this commitments , since it has the capacity to bypass American sanctions Iran might be looking to handover strategic infra structure projects such as the chabahar port project and the chabahar railway project to china .This could possibly explain as to why Iran has decided to drop India out of the project .It not just the chinese factor which led to this developments but its also the result of India’s failure to protect its national interest. Apart from massive economic partnership ,china has offered close military and strategic partnership to Iran under which both the countries are expected to take up joint training , joint exercises between the two armed forces. China has even proposed joint research and development to the defence sector as well as intelligent sharing which could help Iran to counter terror groups that are hostile to it and also to counter countries such as United states and Israel which are hostile towards Iran .So within days after the proposed economic and strategic partnership between Iran and china ,India has been dropped out by Iran from the chabahar railway project and there could be very well connection between this two developments.

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