Profitable Business Ideas: Start These Latest Businesses & Get Full Government Support under Start-up India Scheme

Many people have become unemployed due to Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. However, this lockdown has given many of us a lot of free time, in which one could think about self-grooming and improving our career. Becoming self-sufficient is want everyone wants. It is also trending on social media nowadays. Thus, in such a situation, you too can start your own business. In this article we will inform you about some new and profitable business ideas. These ideas can be started by people from villagesas well as cities. Even women can opt for these profitable business ideas that can be started easily with less capital.

Latest Profitable Business Ideas

1. Fabric Painting & Shoes Design Business with fabric painting

If you are thinking of doing something new, then you can start this business. Such products are very much liked by women. You can make these products according to the customer’s order. With this, you can provide home delivery service. There is also a demand for products made with such designs in the market also. In this case, this business will give you very good profits.

2. Wooden Jewellery Business

You can also start the business of making jewellery from wooden bits. Everyone knows how much women love jewellery. In such a situation, you can prepare wooden jewellery according to their choice. You can take help of digital marketing for this business. Apart from this, you can also explore your business in the shops of cities. You can get very good profits from this.

Startup India scheme will help

If you want to start a business, then the Startup India scheme of the Central Government will fully support it. Its main objective is to increase employment and job opportunities in the country. The Government of India has allocated 10,000 crores for this scheme. Under this, you can register your business. After this, the government will help you fully.

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