“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was – and still is – the most important thing we do.”

By Marc Bennioff

Recruitment is the most important aspect of Human Resource Management. Recruitment is the process of searching for potential applicants or employee and stimulating them to apply for the job in an organisation. Recruitment is the discovery of potential applicants for actual or anticipated vacancies. Recruitment is the first stage of the process of selection and is completed with placement. Recruitment is a positive and a simple process. Recruitment helps in creating a pool of suitable candidates, out of which few are selected for the future selection process. The main objective of recruitment is to invite more and more candidates to apply for the vacant post. The recruitment process is one of the most critical aspect of running a successful business as the performance of every organisation depends on the quality of work there employees do. Managers can save a large amount of time and energy by placing the right person in the right job. As we know, recruitment is the first step for selection of right employee so the organisation publishes vacancies through newspaper advertisement, online job portal, consultancy services, etc so that more and more potential candidates can apply for the job in that particular organisation. Recruitment is a managerial and a continuous process it is not a single act or event. It helps to ensure continuous improvement of the organisational structure. Recruitment act as a linking activity as it brings employer and employee together. As all the organisation has to engage in recruiting activity according to their needs, size, nature, etc so this shows that recruitment is a pervasive function. Recruitment is a complex job as it is affected by too many factors. It is a two-way process and it takes into account employer and employee or recruiter and recruitee both. So, recruitment has many importance for an organisation they are –

  • Determines Requirements – Recruitment is very important for each and every organisation. It helps in determining the present and future requirements of employees in an organisation. It also helps in identifying and attracting the potential candidates.
  • Increases Pool of Candidates – Recruitment helps in creating a talent pool of applicants and helps in selection of best candidate for the organisation. It helps in increasing the pool of job candidates at the minimum post cost.
  • Increases Rate of Selection – Recruitment helps in increasing the success rate of the selection process. But, processing applicants’s resume or application can be very expensive as it requires staff, time, materials and physical facilities. It is also very costly as there are a pool of candidates which includes both qualified and unqualified or suitable and unsuitable. The money spent on evaluating unsuitable candidates is wasted.
  • Meets Organisation’s Obligation – Recruitment helps in meeting organisation’s legal and social obligation both.
  • Increases and Evaluates Effectiveness – Recruitment increases organisational and individual effectiveness. It also helps in reducing turnover of employees.

Recruitment faces some problems and challenges too they are –

  • Image of Organisation – There are some candidates who are not willing to or interested in applying in a particular organisation due to some reason like poor image of the organisation.
  • Lack of Qualified Candidates – The next problem is lack of qualified candidates. The shortage of talent is a big challenge in today’s scenario.
  • Costly – Recruitment of candidates from outside or through external sources requires money. So, if an organisation has limited budget so they may not carry out the expenses of recruitment for a longer period.
  • Lack of Efficiency – It is also one of the challenges faced by the recruiter during recruitment process. As we know a large number of candidates apply for the job which includes both suitable and unsuitable candidates and in this way the recruiter waste their valuable time by working on unnecessary and ineffective things.

Last But Not the Least

Recruitment is one of the main and most important aspect of Human Resource Management as it place the right candidate to the right job.

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