Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages

Language being the primary means of human communication has become increasingly important with the advent of globalization. With more mobility between continents and cultures, effective communication is crucial for better understanding and for working together. Being able to speak the same language or being able to understand another’s language is a great asset here. Indians by virtue of living in a land of multiple languages and dialects will have some experience of hearing and maybe even learning another language. Our educational system usually insists on learning a minimum of two, and most often three languages. However, learning languages of other countries are also on the rise as well.

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There are various benefits to learning other languages. Some of them are given below:

  • Learning another language betters our faculties of cognition. When we acquaint ourselves with a new system of signs and meanings, our brain gets better at processing information and solving problems. It is proven to enhance our memory power as well. Other benefits include becoming better listeners, ability to grasp ideas well, and ability to multi-task to mention a few. It sharpens our minds and even increases our capacity for concentration.
  • All the above-mentioned benefits contribute to making the person better at academics and other cognition-oriented activities. The ability to be more focused and more attentive to nuances and meanings will enhance our comprehension. Their performance will be influenced by this skill which can lead them to score better in exams and competitive tests.
  • It allows us to engage better with other cultures and their histories. Language is reflective of a culture’s ideals and tenets. It is the means through which we express our sense of identity and belonging. Many cultures have words in their languages that cannot be translated into other languages simply because the word does not exist in another language. It also makes us better understand and appreciate their arts as well as their ways of living.
  • It is a good career option and enhances our networks which thereby increases our opportunities. Being multilingual is a good skill to have on a resume or CV since it implies an individual who is good at learning and used to switching between tasks. But it can even be a career option and a rewarding one at that. Many choose to learn foreign languages now and go on to work in multi-national corporations that have global presences. They work as translators and interpreters in multiple instances, becoming an irreplaceable part of the global market and trade. It is also a sought-after skill for positions in the government and for global platforms like the United Nations.

Proficiency in other languages allows us to engage with other contexts and spaces in ways that are productive and more meaningful. Now that we have technology and access to almost anything over the internet, it is not too difficult to learn new languages. Websites like Babbel and Duolingo, as well as lessons on YouTube, are very popular among learners. It is one of the most important skills that we can have in this age when the whole world is more interdependent than ever before. So go on, have some fun, and find yourself a language to learn!

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