Signs You Should Not Ignore

There are moments in many people’s life where out of nowhere we suddenly feel negative and sad, and emotionally vulnerable. We think that this is just momentary and as a result ignore these signs. When in fact we should really pay attention to small details as this could be a sign of something deeper. Some unresolved issues or a trauma which we have not had a closure with yet.

Now one might wonder what these signs are. Generally they would go unnoticed by others. We ourselves ignore them many a times. Let’s now see what are these mental illness signs are. They may be subtle, but they are important.

Before we proceed though, keep in mind that this article might be triggering. Please be careful.

1. Feelings of sadness or depression for more than 2 weeks. People generally causally use the term ‘depression’ to express their mood for the day. It is usually recommended not to do so. But if you feel sad, or worthless and helpless for more than two weeks this might be alarming. This means that the activities that once brought joy to your heart aren’t doing so anymore.

2. Extreme mood swings. When you randomly go from one extreme behaviour say, sadness to another extreme behaviour say, excitement for no reason in a very short time, that is when we say it’s a mood swing. When the frequency of this happening increases at an alarming high rate, one should pay attention and think about consulting a professional as it can be sign of bipolar disorder.

3. You worry and anxiety is out of control. Some times even though we have written in our examination well we feel extremely anxiousabout the results. So much so that even our body reacts by sweating too much or having a digestive issues or even catching the flu. This is can be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Some people feel anxious and are worried for literally no reason. This is also a sign of a mental illness. We face trouble sleeping, can’t relax easily and overthink all the time.

4. Self isolation. All of us need a little ‘me’ time. Time where we are alone and don’t have any social obligation to follow. But when someone suddenly takes a lot of this ‘me’ time, to the extent that they totally avoid talking to people, it is an alarming sign of mental illness. It is actually important to spend some time alone but when you start totally withdrawing yourself from everyone one must think of approaching a mental health professional.

5. Delusions and/or hallucinations. Delusions refer to false beliefs or perception that we hold about a particular thing or a person. Now this usually goes unnoticed by the person suffering from delusions. But it is noticeable by people around them. For example, one might think that someone tried to sabotage their school project by throwing it off the table when in reality they themselves by mistake pushed it over the table. It is important for the people around them to take this seriously if it happens more than once.

6. Difficulty in dealing with normal life situation. Most of the time people are capable enough of dealing with their normal lives. But when you are unable to deal with the most normal situation like driving (assuming you have been driving for a long time) this gets serious. This maybe a sign of a mental illness and one must consult a mental health professional.

7. Disturbed sleeping pattern. This means you are either sleeping too much or too little. We know that on an average a person should sleep for about 7 hours. Considering that you generally sleep this much, when you are suddenly not able to sleep at all or you are sleeping too much it can be a sign of depression or an anxiety disorder. This maybe a sign of bipolar disorder too. In such a case try to meditate and have a healthy balanced meal. But if this doesn’t help either, it’s best you reach out to a mental health professional.

8. Anger issues. You maybe a calm and peaceful person. But when you suddenly start losing our patience or are ticked off quicker than usual this can be a sign of mental illness. When someone suddenly start feeling angry for no reason and feel like it is practically impossible to control it is most probably warning you about your stress level and unresolved grief or trauma.

There are many more signs that we can look out for but these are the primary ones which are generally most noticeable in someone. If you know someone who has any similarity to the signs mentioned above, they must seek professional help. Remember, your mental health is most important and social stigma regarding mental health must be removed at all costs. Never shy away from asking for help and their is always a out of this. Self harm is not a solution. It is really much easier than that.

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