Importance of Technology During Covid-19

Covid-19 is a pandemic, due to which there has been a crisis for movement, locking everyone in their homes and disabling them to work, and education has also come to a halt due the situation. Due to this there has been a rapid decrease in the economy and development in the world, and to solve this challenge we have taken the help of technology and have become more tech-savvy. Technology not only helped in the fields of work and education but also played a major role to adopt ways to fight against the pandemic.

We have been seeing that people are not being able to worf, therefore to prevent it various work from home policies have been drafted and software are being used for conducting any important meeting. Due to this situation users for mobile paying applications like Paytm, Google Pay, etc are rapidly increasing, as it is a safer and easier way to pay without any contact, and due to various shopping sites , shopping is also being done a careful way, by using all necessary precautions. Robots and other artificial intelligence tools are being used in hospitals to give the patient a no-contact service, there are even robots being used in some nations for testing the virus and for sanitising the respective areas. Now for the Government members to have a discussion to frame policies and programmes , it is being done via video conferencing applications. Education is being carried out by various computer softwares and this is termed as “virtual education”. Therefore there has been no delay in the education which is being carried out. Technology has become the weapon against relaxing the situation.

The main use of technology is that it given news and bringing awareness about the pandemic, especially applications like Arogya Setu which has been launched by the government of India, to track and inform about the Covid-19 cases, it is basically a bluetooth based tracker. This application is available in all languages and contains all the data and information regarding Covid-19. This app gives awareness about the precautions to be taken, and also informs us all the Covid-19 cases in our local proximity, it gives all the helpline numbers necessary and educates the user about do’s and don’ts. This can also be used as an e-pass to travel from one place to another during this situation.

Nothing is totally perfect in todays world, hence technology also has its pros and cons. Despite the above efforts taken to technologically raise the economy and for the development of the nation, there are many problems that we have been facing. In India, there are areas where there is no access to any network, there are many entrance exams like NEET, JEE Mains , and CLAT which has come to a halt and in this posed as a challenge to technology, and it couldn’t make any difference, these entrance exams have to be conducted in public areas ad in pen paper mode. Therefore we can come to a conclusion that technology has and has not solved many problems. Technology is not as safe as it looks it can also be a threat to human life with the rise of various cyber crimes, hence we must be careful.

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