We all have this one thought when we wake up from our sleep. “Whoa.. What a crazy dream.” But then immediately the next moment you try to remember it and think, “What dream?!”

Yes, most of us have been there. So today, let’s talk about these dreams that we have.

Lucid dreaming is quite uncommon. Lucid dreaming is a state where the person is aware that they are dreaming and can even control their dreams. It’s a common phenomenon that we often hear of. But not many people can actually do it. A research suggests that only about 20% of the total population can actually lucid dream.

Dreaming is very important for our health. Through researches it has been found that dreaming is really important for us. We are aware that constant lack of sleep eventually leads to health problems. If we don’t get enough sleep for a long time we may start hallucinating and our concentration power decreases in general. It can also lead to Alzheimer, heart disease, and obesity. Apart from lack of sleep, lack of dreams is also partly responsible for these health hazards. Actually when we are in REM cycle of dreaming it helps us restore our brain and allows us to subconsciously process things.

Dream journals improve how well we remember our dreams. This one is for those who want to be able to remember the dreams that they have when they sleep. It is said that about 95% of all our dreams are quickly forgotten as we wake up. However it is possible that with some skill we can recall our dreams without thinking about it too much. And this skill can be improved through jotting down every detail that we can remember from our dream in a journal. Practicing this on a daily basis can help us remember our dreams in bigger chunks everytime we do it. We just have to be consistent with this one habit.

Dreams become more complex as the night goes on. People who can already remember their dreams might have noticed that as the night grows their dreams become more complex and bizarre. They even become more vivid and emotional. This is likely attributed to the fact that the longer we sleep the deeper sleep we achieve. This allows us to process things work through fears and reorganize memories more intensely.

Not everyone can dream. People who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may find that they no longer can dream. This probably happens because of damage caused on the part of brain that involved emotion, memory and imagination.

We have multiple dreams a night. We usually dream about 4-6 times every night. The time can range from a minute to twenty minutes each. This possible because of the fact that sleep happens in cycles. People usually get to REM sleep, which is required for dreams to haopen about 4-6 times a night. So in an eight-hour sleep period a person might spend two of them dreaming.

So, today when you go to sleep that even though your body will be at rest, your brain won’t! Happy dreaming!

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