Hail Zidane

Zinedine Zidane- A man of inspiration for the upcoming generations. each and every football lover should know his story really well. Zidane can be defined as the Come back king, a True Coach and a perfect man. Probably one of the greatest player of his era. Zidane’s story is an inspirational theory of exactly how sportsman shall be. His victory of La Liga 2019-2020 is very raw and particularly relevant these days, after defeating the arch rival Barcelona indirectly. He never failed to shine in the role of a complete sportsman. Not only just as a player but his hunger for recognition as a coach is commendable. He proved to entire world that a greatest player can be a greatest coach too. To start the story with, Zidane was born on 23rd June 1972. He got his inspiration from the Argentine sportsman Diego Maradona whose techniques “were on another level” for him. Lovingly known as Zizou, he was a French Soccer player who mainly performed as an attacking midfielder. He was an asset for his team, often served as the backbone and has contributed a lot for the enhancement of the football fraternity. Zidane debuted professionally and scored his first goal for Cannes against Nantes. He was devoted to his national team of France where he received a lot of respect. His contribution in Euro Cup 2000, was unforgettable and he also was claimed as the Player of Tournament. He also had a great contribution for FiFA World Cup 2002,2006 and Euro 2004. He was also rewarded as the FIFA World player 1998, 2000 and 2003 also Ballon d’or 1998. He was a one man army who served his team so well and proved himself to be the greatest of all times.

Now lets come to the not-so-famous part, that such a responsible and disciplined person like Zizou, headbutted Marco Materazzi right to his chest, in 2006 World Cup. In the last world cup match of his life, he was shown a Red Card. Seriously was it heroic? or a bizarre act? This shocked the entire world and this was probably one of the worst act for breaking the rules. This drastic step was highly criticized by the media and questions were repeatatively asked to him. This became the most controversial headline. Zidane later accepted his fault and stated that, ” I am not proud of what I did to Materazzi “. Actually, Materazzi revealed that he spoke something worse to Zidane.

An advice for the future fast paced generations is that You have to compete with yourself, your primary competition will be with you and no one else. That very day Zidane had probably taken a vow that it is not okay to lose, or to accept the unfair game. He was of really a challenging nature so he promised to himself that being coward is never an option. you have to show the world your capabilities and what you deserve. Even till now, his aura of an elegant soccer player is still intact. Zidane ruled the Real Madrid club as a star player along with teammates like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Bekham (both supremely stylish players) primarily. Just as a brilliant student evolves to be the Principal. When he returned to Real Madrid as a Coach nobody thought that he is going to flourish so much on the upcoming days, however… He proved his excellence as a manager and was successful on his part. Though some people continued to criticise him whether he deserved to be in the position or not. Zidane was gifted with huge honours namely, Three Champion Leagues, Two European Super Cups, Two Spanish Super Cups also Two Club World Cups. He left his Coaching when he was questioned on whether he was capable of the position or not. The thing was his eligibility was constantly tested in all phases. After that the conditions of Real Madrid coaching really degraded and the previous coach was sacked. Zidane came back again as a King, and for concluding this story… he won the La Liga title after 2017. 34th La Liga Title, 2020 was hoisted by Real Madrid players defeating Villareal, under guidance of Zidane.


REFERENCE: Zinedine Zidane – Wikipedia.

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