“Man is by nature a political animal”. How far is it true in the case of students?

The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle believed and quoted that man is a political being. He always felt so, because man is blessed with the ability to speak and rationalize. No other species on this earth have been blessed with these abilities, hence he feels that we must make best use of it. But how far does it apply to the students? This topic has always been a bone of content in our country. A lot of people feel that it’s in the best interest of the student, if they don’t involve themselves in politics, on the other hand people feel students must involve themselves into politics,  as they are the future of this country. You might as well think about what’s best for the students? There is a clear cut difference between educating yourself about politics, and getting involved in politics. A lot of people feel that the participation of students in politics will weaken their will to study, and educate themselves academically. The people opposing this, have also claimed that, the participation of students in political movements, during the freedom struggle had a great impact on the Britishers. Even during the second World War, a lot of students were actively participating, and helping their respective countries.

Advantages of students not participating in politics:-

  • With the level of corruption prevailing in politics, it’s almost impossible for students to remain honest and sincere. Hence it degenerates their moral character.
  • These students might be used by political parties for their selfish needs.
  • These students become a tool in the hands of the politicians, who achieve their needs through them.
  • These students will ultimately lose their interest in studies, and direct their full potential to politics.
  • These students are also used for the purpose of strike and protest. Hence they end up destroying public property, and they cause damage to themselves.

Advantages of students educating themselves about politics:

  • This will help them concentrate more on their academics, as well as give importance to politics.
  • They get to increase their Political knowledge through various debates and discussions happening in colleges.
  • Since they are completely educated, they can make use of various approaches, to solve an issue arising.
  • Inorder to straighten the democracy,  more educated leaders are required.
  • Educated leaders in future can also possibly remove the rotten system of politics, filled with corruption in our country.
  • Educated leaders are also much more capable of bringing in new reforms that the society requires.


It is good to conclude that politics is inevitably present in every students’ life, and it cannot be ignored. Having immense knowledge about politics is always important as students are the future leaders of our democracy. At the same time it is good to not mix politics into their academics as it will do no good to them. An educated and wise leader is the one people look forward to, and in order to be that, students must work hard in their academics without getting involved completely into politics. But when time comes and this nation is in need of young minds, students mustn’t hesitate to give their all to this country.

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