Management Development

“Of course education becomes very very important and that’s for our human resource development.”

– By Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Today’s scenario is characterised by constant change and dynamism especially in businesses. So, inorder to face this dynamic environment it is very important to change or upgrade yourself according to the need and requirements. Earlier training programmes where conducted in the organisation in order to improve the performance of the employee in a particular job. But now organisations have become more human resource oriented as we know that it is one who plays the main and dominant role in helping the organisation to reach the top and stand apart in the crowd. With the passage of time the role of the managers and executives are becoming complex now it is not as easy as it was earlier. As we know success and growth of an organisation largely depends upon the calibre, capabilities and performance of its managers or executives. So, a manager is the dynamic life-giving element in any organisation. Hence, it becomes important for managers to educate and update themselves regularly about the changes in the management practices. So, it can be said that due to the changes and complexities a new word came into existence and it is Management Development.

Management Development can be defined as a process of utilising a systematic procedure of training by which managerial personnel gain conceptual and theoretical knowledge which he can use to manage the work in their organisation effectively and efficiently. Management Development is a long-term educational process. It involves broader education and its main purpose is long-term development. Management Development is a continuous process as our environment changes continuously so the managers also have to update their knowledge and skills accordingly. As there is always a gap between actual and potential performance. So management development helps in filling these gaps. Management Development programme helps in bridging the gap between the two. This helps in enriching the functional capacity of executives and managers by continuously updating their knowledge and skills through management development programmes. As we know human behaviour is dynamic and it changes from time to time. So in order to ensure better interpersonal skills some properly designed management development programmes should be conducted for attaining managerial success. Management development programmes helps in improving the deficiency of managers and the organisation can derive immediate benefits from these programmes. Management development programmes can be designed by taking into consideration some issues like employee motivation, pattern of conflict, etc as these are the reasons why they cannot show their full potential. And if they receive some quality programmes on these topics this will really help them alot. It also facilitates self-development of managers, as with the help of this programme they can learn new things. The need for management development arises due to the following reasons –

  • Complexity of Jobs – As the current scenario is changing and becoming complicated and more challenging. So in order to cope up this situation the managers and executives need varied skills and proper training to deal with this problem. And this is possible only through management development programmes.
  • Lack of Trained Managers – As we know precious things take time to come infront of us, same goes with employees and managers too. Talented and matured managers and executives are not easily available. We have to find the calibre and talent which is within them and this we have to find out by providing management development.
  • Changes in Technology – As we know rapid changes are taking place in the business world. And to cope up with the change is the main problem. So for this proper training and exposure in computer application and information technology should be provided.
  • Obsolescence – Executive obsolescence occurs due to mental and ageing process. So this can be corrected by offering them some opportunities of self-development and it must continue throughout the career of an executive.

So lastly always provide some or the other opportunities to your managers, executives and employees so that they feel connected with your organisation and can work hard to achieve organisational and individual goals.

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