Fake or Real?

Every person has two side faces. One side that we show to the world and the other side that we hide from everyone. So, which one is the real face? Its the one which we ‘hide’ from others.

Why do we hide?

We hide the inner face or reality of us from everyone in the fear of being not accepted. We tend to fear that we will be judged by the society or peers, friends, family, relatives, etc. The fear of getting misunderstood by people.

We tend to hide our real side because we feel that if we show that side people would leave us or judge us. There is a constant fear of getting judged.

Fake is the new trend:

Today, being fake is the new real. People tend to be fake around the other people so as to be accepted. They hide their real emotions or feelings or the side that they actually are. They display their fake image when they are surrounded by people.

And it is the reality, we tend to judge others without thinking twice. We live in a judgemental society where being real is called as rude or very straightforward. And so some people prefer being fake in front of the world.

The idea of being real is not mastered by everyone. Being fake is such a trend that sometimes we forget our own real side of us.

Everyone fake a side of themselves due to various reasons. Sometimes they fake to fit in a group. Sometimes to hide their real side. Sometimes to show that they are just like others. Sometimes to make others happy.

Even when we don’t like a person for whatever reason, we end up saying hi or smile at them. We still be nice to them in front of their faces and then we gossip about them or you can say bitching about them behind their backs.

Yes, people do that. We live in a society where people do gossip about other’s lives. There are fake people who will be nice at your faces and then gossip about you the next moment you leave.

I do not say that everyone is fake or try to hide their real side. There are people who got nothing to hide. They prefer being like this. They prefer being fake in the world with everyone they meet. They love being fake but are genuine with their close ones.

These kinds of people show their real faces to the ones that they actually love. Where they can be really themselves and be accepted for who they are. Some might fear to hide their real side and some may not.

Not everyone has a fake side and not everyone is trying to hide something.

The real face:

Inspite of all these fake faces all around us, there are people who are real. Who are actually real and love being the way they are without having any fear of not being accepted and having nothing to hide.

They tend to show the real side because they do not have anything to hide. They love themselves as they are and wany everyone to accept them for who they are.

They do not care about the judgements of the society. This is the way they like it and they choose to be real. They accept themselves and are happy for being real. They do not like being fake and can’t even if they try. They also do not tolerate fake people around them.

The real side people have nothing to care about. They always show their real side to everyone they meet or be close to. Yes, not everyone they meet knows them completely but those who are close to them knows them inside out.

The real people can’t be fake with someone or pretend to like someone. If they do not like a thing or person, they will just not try to show much interest.

They do not have to pretend even. They will directly tell you that they do not like you or for that matter a thing. Yes, real people are straightforwards too. And thats the reason straightforward people and being real is not accepted by everyone.

The real people are hated by many as people love fake people who are nice on other’s faces and later bitch about them. The real people who will tell others directly about what they feel or about the things or person they dislike are not being accepted in the society. The real people speaks whatever comes to their minds and are free minded and open. Such kind of people are rare in this fake world but still are left alone.

The real side of the people are left out by many because of their straightforwardness. They have less friends who understand them compared to the fake ones.

The fake side is loved by everyone. The real side is loved by people who are also the same.

Which side to choose?

We live in a society where we are surrounded by fake ones and real ones. Some choose to be fake and some choose to be real. The choice completely depends on different individuals. Some choose to be real even after losing everything. Some choose to be fake always so as to be accepted and hide their real side. Some have nothing to hide still prefer being fake.

At times, something bad happens because of being real and people tend to change due to such occurings and start prefer to being fake with everyone they meet. Certain times, when we don’t like a person we still smile or greet them due to relations we have with them. Such times, some people also feel not to hurt anyone.

There is no compulsion of choosing a side and living with it. It completely depends on us whether we have to be real with everyone or some or whether we have to be fake with some or everyone we meet.

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