U.S. Cutting Ties With WHO Is A Misstep That May Cause Severe Repercussions


U.S. President Donald Trump announced on May 19 that U.S. would be halting it’s funding of the World Health Organization and pull out of the agency, accusing it of protecting China as the coronavirus pandemic took off. The move has alarmed health experts, who say the decision will undermine efforts to improve the health of people around the world.

It was a knee-jerk response and an overreaction to a legitimate concern. Yes, the WHO has problems and has been too lenient on China recently. Does that mean every other country should pull the plug and ignore its other achievements, without attempting diplomatic reform? It’s hypocritical for the US to pull out of an international organisation because another country has too much sway within it. How would they react if, say, the UK pulled out of the IMF and World Bank because it has too much American influence? Terrible for the international reputation of the U.S.A. It will further harm the world’s ability to detect and react to this and future pandemics. And there will be future pandemics. If the U.S.A. was/is depending on the WHO for it’s intelligence gathering, the U.S.A. has bigger problems than COVID-19. It will provide Trump’s base with a bone to chew on and provide them the simple answer to a very complex question that they so crave.

Critics have condemned this move and called out the President for playing the ‘blame game’. Trump has shown his incompetence with dealing with the Covid-19. What’s worse he even screwed the ability of a country that has been well known to be the leading force of healthcare. Meanwhile, China, a country who is still stereotyped as filthy people and Sickman, is recovering from the Covid-19. Long gone are those Americans who jeered at China and boasted that their CDC can handle the Covid-19 easily. Who’s to blame? If we look at the facts, Trump is definitely blamed for all this mess. His unwillingness to listen to CDC or even his white house health advisors to take the matter seriously because he doesn’t want a lockdown like China has resulted in the death of more than 142,000 Americans as of the time of my writing.

The growing reports of deaths began make the President realize that his administration was seriously failing in its response to the corona virus. He responded in two ways. He suddenly made it clear to the States that they were responsible for providing all the necessary protective wares and ventilators as well as all testing for the virus and that the failures were there’s not his. Next, he forcefully (and quite unfairly) condemned the work that China and the WHO had undertaken to react to the virus thus showing that he knew better than anybody what was best for everyone and that he was still a brilliant genius. So, fundamentally this is why President Trump decided to halt funding to the WHO. An activity that, it is certain, a majority of its 193 other member countries of the WHO will condemn as many of the larger countries have done already. No-one cuts funding in the middle of this kind of disastrous international epidemic. If one feels disturbed about any other country or organization involved in it one waits until the epidemic is over and then everyone gets together and analyses what worked well and what did not, then sit together to make sure the next time this happens the world is better prepared. Regrettably the USA seems to think that it can handle world matters unilaterally. As this is absolutely impossible for any country the result can only end up with some real disappointments for everyone including the USA, now the country with the largest mortality than any other as a result of poor corona virus policies and management.

Not anyone in the world, not even Trump himself, will benefit from Trump’s suspension of the US’s financing of WHO. Especially at times like these when WHO’s role in coordinating the worldwide response to pandemic is critical. We can be sure that WHO will not be distracted and will carry on its important job albeit maybe in a little less effective way as compared to when they did have the rightly anticipated financing from the US. The only thing this Trump’s move will achieve is that the rest of the world will finally and eventually give up on America to do the right thing and will try to distance themselves away from the US.

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