Life – changing Tricks

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama. So, implementing certain good habits in our daily life won’t certainly do any harm. The key for betterment of living lies entirely in your hands. Leading a normal and simple life along with a few tricks here and there helps you to achieve your goal. Enhancing your lifestyle in every aspects of life is a answer for proper subsistence. Lets start following these tips from today onwards –

1) Drinking enough water – This is the first and foremost point to start the whole theory with. At least 8 glasses of water is mandatory for a day. You just cannot ever compromise on this part. Drinking less water is a serious issue for sure. A person who often drinks a lot of water everyday stays more healthy and fit rather than the rest. According to doctors, around 60 per cent of human body consists of water. This basically hydrates your body and helps in getting rid of all harmful toxins. Hydration for your body is a must. Water is such a fluid which helps in proper digestion and also helps in assists you in the weight loss game. Do not harm your body consuming alcohol, cold-drinks e t c , replace those with Water from today onwards.

2) Exercising everyday – This is such an essential step to be followed daily. You need not join a gym or workout like a beast no you need not do that. Just take a few minutes out from your schedule and just perform some free hand. Also, try to stretch in the morning before leaving the bed. This is going to make a lot of genuine difference in your life. This is not only makes you physically fit but also boosts up your confidence, improves your focus towards the target. Exercising motivates you to get better everyday. When your body says you No, your mind says you to push yourself further. Exercising is the most crucial steps for the aged group of people too and this helps to remove pain or stress.

3) Cleansing, toning, moisturizing – Let me tell you this step is Not just for the girls out there, very much for the guys too. As they seem to do absolutely nothing for the skin, just know that skin is the largest organ of your body. You are liable to do this much for your skin. This process is simplified as follows… 1stly, apply a Face wash, any one of your choice to remove the dirt and debris. After that apply to tone down your skin a bit. Now apply the hydration, a Moisturizer to your skin to lock in all the goodness. I promise you this is life – changing.

4) Applying sunscreen – Another step for treating your skin, applying a sunscreen. Won’t take even a minute but this has a hundreds of benefits. Protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and keep it safe. Whether you go off to your workplace or playground. Apply some sunscreen before leaving and make sure it is of a good brand. Keep reapplying your sunscreen after every 2-3 hours if you can manage to do so. Skipping a sunscreen will make you pay a lot as it will worsen your skin condition. Sunscreens with UVA and SPF protections is the best.

5) To-Do-List – Yes, maintaining a To Do List and pre-planning everything beforehand makes your life way more easier. Suppose you have got a meeting the next day, sort everything out, the timings, the work and jot it down in a paper or in a diary. Now make a list of all necessary things to be done and check the list after you have finished tasks of the day. The more you will write the more you finish. You can never go wrong with a To Do List. This routine will give you to explore more scopes of life. Also, write down all your dreams, aspirations, your needs so that you have the urge to finish each one of them within a given span of time. Being unpredictable and having no ambitions won’t certainly help anyone in the long run.

6) Enhancing your skills – if you really want to achieve bigger and better in your life, you have to have some skills. Not stressing on the part of scoring good marks, but having any particular skill is a MUST for the youngsters. The skill can be anything, knowing more than 1 languages, mending parts of a car, knowing computer well, making new paintings or whatsoever. the point here is… brush up your skills, your passion and never leave it in the midways. if you can excel in this part, you surely will make a huge difference. Your skill is what makes you recognizable in a field of work. This will also cut down your laziness and make you happy.

7) Believe in yourself – If you cannot practice this, the above mentioned points won’t come handy for you. ‘Believing in your self is the 1st secret to success’ . You have to keep faith and keep believing that you can be better, you can do better. Make your mindset so determined from the very beginning that life is going to thank you for the same. Start working hard from today onwards and make no more excuses. If you fail to believe in yourself today, you are being answerable to your life after 30s for sure.

8) Read a lot – Nowadays, the kids do not practice proper reading. Going through the School text books or Course books before exams does not justifies the term “reading” . This concept is vast and cannot be achieved only by reading subtitles of Netflix or surfing google. You have to slow down a bit and go through some world Class- literatures or Novels. Reading new journals or news everyday will become your best friend someday only if you get addicted to this. This is going to help you so much by increasing your command on the language, enhancing vocabulary. Reading is like doing something productive to yourself.

9) Organizing your closet – This is a grooming tip for our generations as we certainly get no time for this and keep everything way too dirty especially if someone stays in a hostel or a mess. Cleaning your shirt, Ironing them properly adds so much more dignity to your overall personality. We often hear the term , 1st impression is your last impression, hence this is evident that whatever you wear, it should be fitted and taken care of. You won’t have to wear a high end gown for the same, the trick here is to be clean and real. Appearance is the game changer and never ever mess this up in your life.

10) Help them out – Helping never signifies doing something for someone expecting anything in return, or to show yourself superior in any ways. Helping out means genuinely coming to someone’s rescue and being empathetic. Just help out of your own willingness, help your family, your friends, show love to the plants, feed the animals. Doing all this is in turn serving God indirectly. Having a golden heart is rare- make sure you are one of the few.

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