Passion and Emotion: Sports has it all


Well, call it passion or emotion, sports brings it all out of a person. People say sports is like entertainment, watch it for entertainment, get entertained and leave it there. But ask people who follow sports passionately, who have a special place for a team in their hearts, for them, sports brings out the real emotion and passion. And those people I’m talking about are millions in numbers. People get attached with a team so much that they feel that a team’s victory is theirs victory and losses hurt them hard. I’m not just talking about Indian fans, but fans from around the world. Be it any sport, cricket or football or lawn tennis, passion remains the same, intensity remains the same.

Why do we often see players give their 200% for the team, get their bodies on the line for the team, this is because they play for their fans, those passionate fans which are behind them even when the team or player doesn’t play well. When Dhoni got runout in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, not only his fans cried, the whole nation cried. What I mean by cried is literally, they cried. That’s the emotion a game brings, a player brings into fans. People might find it crazy when someone who doesn’t have any connection with the team, no connection at all, still cries when his favourite teams loses, because of the emotional connection the fan has with that team. Sports has a huge fanbase and the fanbase is what makes sports a worth while thing to watch and play. Without fans, no sport is even worth playing. Players play for the very fact that their fans are watching them and they want to win for their fans, their country and make their fans as well as their whole nation feel proud.

In India, people don’t have that much craze for football, but ask those fans who watch the Indian Super League (ISL), they will tell you how much they pray for the fact that their team wins and how they feel when their team loses. Sports has a different feeling altogether, ask those who breathe sports, obviously metaphorically but that passion and emotion tells us all that. There are times when stakes ae high in a game, but your favourite teams plays pathetically bad, they lose without even giving a tough fight, that’s when the fans emotions play a very crucial role. Some fans are so angry after those performances that they make their team so weakened by claiming that they are bad and they don’t know how to play and stuff like that, but that isn’t what true fans do. True fans are those who are behind their teams even in situations when they are losing and not winning. That’s the time passion comes into play, when you as a fan are behind your team supporting them, be it any situation.

Yes, losses hurt, yes getting and cheering for the team when they are losing in an important game is very hard and difficult, but if you have that emotion and passion for the game, for your favourite team, then you will always be the 12th man for your team, be it on the ground or watching from home. The best example of it could be the game played yesterday between Manchester United and Chelsea in the FA Cup semifinal. Chelsea won the game emphatically by 3-1, and the team they beat were the favourites to win, on a 19-game unbeaten streak, but they lost, quite convincingly they were beaten. All over Manchester United fans were angry, they were frustrated and this is the time they have to be behind their team because when hard times comes, that’s when true supporters remain behind their teams. That’s the passion and emotion I was talking about, which sports brings out of people.

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