Transgenders are the gender category that do not fall in either female or male category. They are of a gender where they have a combination of both male and female. They aren’t either completely male or completely female.

Some transgenders are born with male body and feel like a woman from inside and vice-versa. Some transgenders change their identity from female to male or male to female as per their preferences.

Transgenders have a different community where all the transgenders stay together with each other leaving their families. Over the years, transgenders have got their identities as a transgender category in the sex section.

Transgenders live in a seperate place where all the transgenders live together as the society has still not accepted them completely. Even today, we hear people calling them kinnars, chakkas, hijras, meetha,etc. Nobody calls them or uses this English word ‘Transgenders.’

Earlier, transgenders were not allowed to get educated or work somewhere. Today, they can work somewhere and also get educated. But, the question is will they get that respect ever they deserve or need in the society? Will the society ever accept them completely? Will the society ever consider them equal to us?

We say, we have developed our nations,countries, technologies,etc. What about our minds? Has it changed over these years? Even if law has passed to grant education to transgenders or permissions to work. The mindsets of the people are still the same.

Transgenders are still being called by names or such tags that they really have got used to it by now. The society still consider these genders as untouchable. As soon as a transgenders passes by someone, all eyes are on that person. They get thousands of stares looking at them everyday when they roam to earn.

Transgenders are called as ‘God’s curse’ to them by the people of the society and that same transgender is found lucky to give blessings on any auspicious day. Strange, isn’t it?

Well, did they knew before that they would be born as transgenders? No, right? Then, how can we judge them every single day? Who gave us the right to judge them and make them hate their lives?

Nobody knows what gender we are going to be born with. Is it their fault that they were born with such body and genes?

Transgenders just need respect and the freedom to live their life as per their own just like we males and females live. Even they are humans and are a creation by Gods too. Nobody is cursed.

They do not have a choice so they live seperately as their own families disown them after being aware of their genders. The laws are being changed but the mindsets of the people needs to be changed more for them.

Transgenders do have dreams, do have goals the same way we have. They get hurt too. They eat the same food we have. They have a heart too. They do not have any different hearts compared to us. Still, they are not treated with due respect.

Transgenders should be given the freedom to live a normal life. They do have a life of their own. They should be treated with respect and dignity. The only thing they still are fighting is for is ‘respect.’ The respect in people’s eyes for them. The respect to work anywhere and live peacefully.

Wherever they go, people should treat them as normal human beings just like them and not make constantly make them feel that they are not a part of our society. But, yes all this would not happen. It is very easy to say this but this is really not possible until the minds of the people are cleared.

All they want is respect and to be accepted by the society. Will they ever receive the respect they deserve? Will they ever be treated as equal? Will they ever be called by their actual names instead of the names given by the people?

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