The idea of true love

What is true love?

A true love is something that makes you complete. True love can be from anyone. It can be from your parents, friends, lover, siblings,etc. Generally, true love is expected by a lover or partner.

True love makes you feel that you are loved truly by that one person more than anything in this world. It makes you feel special and at top of the world. It makes your simple life into a magical one.

True love is like that one thing which everyone tries to pursue but only few succeed. It is a beautiful feeling when you get that true love in your life.

Every person dreams or wishes to have a true love in his or her life where he can be loved so much and truly by one person. That one person would give him or her the love they needed or waited for so long.

True love is like a two soulmates connected to each other. They can do anything to make each other happy and are at their best when with each other. True love is like two people who are destined to be together.

True love is beyond saying those three magical words to each other. A love that makes your life worth it and amazing. A love that was made for you.

Does it still exist?

Gone are the days where true love existed. A love where two people could die for each other. A love where two people could do anything for each other.

Today in the modern world, the idea of real love has lost. The love that was earlier has disappeared. The kind of love where emotions, feelings, were real and not just for sake. Where two persons were together in love with real feelings. Where physical relation was not of much importance than their strong feeling towards each other.

Today, love is just another word for lust. Love took the place for physical relationships.

Love is compared with physical relation between two people. There is nothing like true love today because here true love starts from being intimate with each other.

Love is present where the intimacy is strong. Strong relationships grow due to this and not because of love today. Sometimes, ‘love’ word is misused for getting physical with someone and the whole idea of love has been made a joke.

True Love is way beyond getting intimate:

True love is not always having sex or being intimate with each other. True love is way beyond that.

Having a physical relation with someone just because you love them is really common nowadays.

The concept of true love is compared with sex. If you love someone, you have to do it. No!

True love is a feeling where you genuinely care about the other person and want that person to be happy with or without you.

True love is more than just physical relationships. There has to be a lot of trust and mutual understanding with each other. There needs to be an unbreakable bond with each other.

True love should be like where you do all the small things which makes your partner happy. Its like where you have to constantly make each other special everyday. Where both of you treats each other equally.

It should make you bring the best version out of you. Ofcourse, intimacy is required too. But one should understand that only being physical is not love.

True love is always about making constant efforts for each other and never giving up on each other no matter the fights. A love where both the persons have to respect, care for each other, motivate each other, continously support each other and stand up for each other at both good and worst times.

Someone who can walk in hand besides you and never make you feel worthless or unwanted.

So, find your true love. And if you find them give your best and never let them go.

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