Black skin matters

Racism- The belief that a person with fairer skin or practicing any particular language or belonging to a race is superior than the others. This is one of the most peculiar and disturbing norms of our country- India, also very much prevalent till now , even in today’s world and probably this will again be carried on from generations to generations. Our society is dynamic and adopts new methods of survival but what about the ancient rituals? Shall we get rid of those any day? Abolishing those customs or faith is definitely going to change the conditions of society for better. Racism begins from home, yes, and has everything to deal with our own individuality. Right from birth, a girl with relatively darker skin is to be criticized by the parents or their relatives as , ‘yeh toh kitna kala haain’. It is unfortunate that the father or mother may say all these to their child as if having a dark skin is some kind of a curse. Why is Dark not considered as beautiful? Why should a child be humiliated for his/ her skin, for something which isn’t his/ her fault at all? A person who is rich in melanin content will automatically result in her skin color. This phenomenon is 100 per cent genetic and has nothing to do with God’s grace or something close to that. Being dark skinned needs no treatment to be fairer or be beautiful, she is already beautiful enough In her own skin. As if being fairer will have a huge impact on the carrier or success of a girl. She has to be fair to prove herself to be beautiful even if she is an IPS Officer or the greatest actress. Eminent personalities like Priyanka Chopra, Susmita Sen are a few World class Indian beauties who aced their tanned skin tones and made our country proud. Still, the mindset of commoners hasn’t changed. No one can defame you on your skin color or disrespect you, its high time. India needs to make racism illegal and punishable. As because, there are so many different types of skin colors in India, with so much variations of cool and warm undertones as well… namely, Olive, Brown, Dark, Black and a lot more. We should be proud of our distinctiveness, protect our uniqueness and not to disregard these variations randomly. We should be ashamed of how guilty we all are to embarrass someone of their skin color. The term “Dark” metaphorically means Evil whereas “Fair” means Good. Being dark skin doesn’t signify evilness or being fair skin doesn’t signify goodness. This is actually very important to embrace your own skin tone, as having any skin color is a blessing and this is exactly the way you look or the way you shall carry yourself. Black men or women shall start loving their tones and be proud of that. Just accept the way you are and no need to feel unhappy or shy about it. Your ambition, determination defines you and not the color of your skin.

“Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty, My Lord, she is a black woman” – Yosef A.A. Ben- Jochannan. Unfortunately, each and every dark skinned girls had either been insulted, harrassed or called out for their skin color. It really hurts to see such kinds of mindsets still exists in qualified and educated communities of people. At least once in their lifetime, the dark skinned beauties has been abused in spite of how successful they are. The acceptance a fair-skinned woman gets during marriage is very much rare in case of those dark skinned beauties, in a country like India. Often they are rejected directly on their face which breaks their self confidence within a minute. This custom is a disgrace for the society. The guardians should teach our Youngsters to treat everyone equally and not to be partial towards any particular category.

The most annoying part is that the Magazines And Advertisement literally slaps us with n number of Skin- lightening and brightening Products. Fairness creams or foundations won’t ever do any good to your skin, this won’t even help in lightening your original color. It is useless to put so much of harmful chemicals directly on your face. You can be beautiful and glowing without being light and that is the actual fact. Even the home remedies promoted by the actresses are just not worthy as it won’t make your skin 10 times lighter in a week. You just don’t have to apply those whitening products for “whitening” your skin, you can do without wasting so much money on those or undergoing treatments. These kind of advertisements lays a huge impact in the lives of teenagers or children as they get influenced and brainwashed easily by the concept of “fair is pretty”. Racism is a social problem which needs to be cured real soon. India won’t develop as a country if it fails to look into this crucial matter. Lastly, the most hypocrite outlook of people reflects into worshipping Goddess Kali while making fun of a girl with dark skin, this is just strange and way too disheartening.

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