Attrocities, destruction, damage and what not, War brings with it all the sadness and destruction at one go on the whole world. But, do the people of this generation understand the intricacies which war could bring with it. I don’t think so they do. We have seen that in matter of no time if there’s a political dilemma between two nations, the first thing what people want is to have a war. But they don’t understand that the level of damage which a war could cause to both the countries engaging in war. The loss of life is the biggest damage one can face everytime war happens. Loss of property can be compensated for, but not the loss of life.

Well, people should understand that its not always war that will determine a solution to a problem. War is one such solution which would result in so much of pain and sacrifice. Have people ever understood the pain one goes through when they lose someone close to them. War isn’t the solution one should look for. There are many other things one can do other than indulging in war, be it diplomatic talks or some other solution. Some wars are fought for the greed of the people in power, which doesn’t result in them being having any sort of pain or grief, but the common people and the soldiers who fight the war, they as well as their families suffer the most. The greed maybe of more resources, more land under their control, etc. but the cost of gaining these greedy needs is the life of someone, life of an innocent, which isn’t right at all.

Why for the greed of power of the so called powerful people, the soldiers and its families suffer? Why can’t a solution without a war been fought can be found out? These are some of the questions which need to be answered because someone’s life is more important or I say very important than the mere greed for which powerful people use their armies for intriguing into a war. It’s not just the armies who get affected, it’s the whole nation which is indulging in a war. Be it the destruction of property or the loss of life of common people, the destruction is irrepairable. This destruction needs to be stopped and the time is running out I suppose. With all the nations having greedy needs, its high time we try to stop this before we get onto a point where war can’t be stopped. If the world has to stop war and erase the word ‘War’ from the dictionary, the time is now. I would just suggest don’t be greedy because greed can sometimes take lives of people which can’t be replaced by any monetary or property gains.

In the end, I want to say that lives of people matter, don’t make people suffer just because of the greed of people in power, because its all about caring for each other rather than fighting against each other. Yes, there can be differences between opinions, but never ever make war the ultimate solution.

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