Stop judging women by her attire

Women are always judged and labelled as character less by her clothes or attire. The length of their clothes decide their character.

The character of a woman is being labelled by the people of the society. Whatever a women wears, she is being judged and are always surrounded by uncomfortable stares.

If a girl is wearing shorts, she is being called hot or available you can say. If a girl is wearing onepiece or a skirt, she is a slut. If a girl is wearing jeans, she is modern. If a girl is wearing a salwar kameez or chudidar, she is known as sanskaari. And if she is wearing a saree then she is called beautiful. At times the blouses also decides the character of a women. Backless, strapless blouses or modern blouses,etc.

A woman is always told to wear decent clothes by the family so as to protect themselves from being molested or eveteasing. Woman are always told to hide their bodies with their clothes. If you are revealing your body then you are making available yourself.

A women can’t wear whatever she wants. They always have the fear of getting touched by anyone or the stares that are passed at them which makes them uncomfortable. They are not allowed to wear the clothes they wish because of the devils that are disguised in the form of men.

Women have to compromise their wishes for these devils outside. Parents do now allow their daughters to wear clothes they want to in fear of something will happen to them.

Modern families do allow their daughters to wear anything they like but traditional families are not allowed to wear as per their choice. Still many women dreams of wearing clothes they always wanted to. And the ones who wear clothes as per their choices are judged by the people.

Judging a women by her clothes is totally incorrect. Why does she have to change herself for someone else? Why can’t a woman wear something of her own choice?

Why don’t we judge men for their clothes instead of judging women for their clothes? A man is allowed to wear anything they wish to as they are not stared or eveteased by anyone outside. They are not made uncomfortable. They are not labelled character less by their attires. Just because a woman has breasts and a figure that needs to be hidden right or else the society would not leave her alone.

If a woman’s cleavage is visible, all the eyes would be on her cleavage. If she is wearing something short that reveals her legs, all the eyes would be on her legs. If a woman is wearing backless, all the eyes would be on her back. If she is wearing a strapless top or a spaghetti then too she is being watched by every passer by. If she is wearing something bodyfit, all the eyes would scan them as if they are able to see from inside out. If she is wearing a saree and her waist is visible, still people wouldn’t miss that chance too.

Even if a slightest body part is revealed they will make sure that they would take the opportunity to watch it.

There is no freedom for women to wear whatever they want to and freely roam wherever they feel like. The judgemental society can never rest.

Instead of stopping womens to wear what they want to, stop the mens to think about women in such a way. Stop the mentality of men towards the women in the society. Stop judging women for their clothes and stop making labels in your minds.

If a man is made understood at their early stages that womens are not a show piece and have to be respected for what they wear then it could bring atleast small changes.

Remember, the second line in the pledge of our country. All indians are my brothers and sisters. This should be fitted in the minds of the male members of the society from their early childhood by their families so that they never judge a woman and treat them with respect as they would have treated their sisters. It is all in our hands. The way the mens are raised from the beginning they tend to be following that till the end.

The day men changes their mentality about women and her clothes would give each woman atleast some sort of relief.

Women have a right to wear whatever they want to. It is her choice. Stop judging them for their attires.

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