A real and a true friend

As friendship day is next week, let us talk about true friendship in our lives.

We all have our friends but often not every friend is true and real to us. Certain times, our enemies are disguised as our friends who are true to our face and will start bitching about you behind your back. Also, some friends do come to you only when they need you to do something for them or when they are in trouble. Some are real, some are fake. Some pretend to be real. Some get jealous of you, some try to spread negative comments about you amongst others.

Then, who is our real friend or a true friend?

A true friend is someone who stays loyal to you at your face and even at your back. He or she stays with you throughout the time.

A true friend is a gift. Someone who stays by your side through your thick and thin times. Someone who will always guide you, motivate you and be there for you when you really need them.

Someone who tries to understands you. He or she will always make you smile even if you don’t want to. Someone with whom you can be yourself , with whom you can share your secrets without being judged and with whom you are comfortable.

A true friend never lets you down. He or she will always make it up to you even if they hurt you at some point of time. They make your life meaningful and exciting. They never let you do any shits alone. They handle your moods, tolerate you and tries to do everything that can make you happy.

True friendship is rare. They start becoming your escape where you can chill with them or hangout with them for so long that time also falls short. A true friend sees all your dramas, all your mood swings, your heartbreaks, tolerate your tantrums,etc.

True friendships is when you have his or her back and vice-versa. They give you a shoulder to cry on whenever you feel sad or are upset. They make your mood enlighten. They will always hold your hand whenever you fall down and never leave by your side.

A fake friend can leave you but a true friend would never leave you no matter what happens. Although, true friends do fight sometimes but they always end up back with each other.

Everyone needs a true friendship in his or her life. You are lucky if you have a true friendship in your life who can do anything for you.

True friendship can be one or few. Sometimes, all you need is just a one true friend by your side.

No matter the number of a circle, always be surrounded by true and real friends.

P.S – Remember, Quality over Quantity!

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