Are Women Misusing their Rights ?

We have been seeing the efforts that are being taken by the Parliament to put the rights for women in par with the rights of men, but did it strike to you at least once that are the rights which have been given to women in any way being misused. Are women nowadays at a greater advantage than that of men, and are men being exploited out of certain privileges that are given only to women. We have seen a lot of struggles and movements which have been initiated by the women in the society to get justice due to the unequal treatment between man and a woman, but after getting the rights are they honestly using it or, are they taking advantage of it. These maybe the questions that are arising when you first see the title of the article. 

Being a woman I have seen us getting certain privileges that men apparently do not get. We have separate quota when it comes to educational institution, we have separate such reservations in job opportunities, in politics, even when it comes to sitting in a train, we have a separate women’s coach. Since I was born I haven’t seen anything close to what we have now. There have been many complaints and reports showing that women are beinge, raped, abused, prone to domestic violence and many other such crimes, and correspondingly the parliament of India has taken efforts to prevent such crimes by granting women some rules and regulation due to which the crimes can be prevented. 

Now let us take the case of rape, it it given under section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 that if a male commits a rape against a women, then it is consiered as a non bailable offence, which gives the police power to arrest the man just with the women’s word that he has committed rape. This is highly considered to be sexist firstly as it doesn’t think about the consequences that what if the women lied and he is not the rapist, secondly it doesn’t consider the so call Men’s rape, why?. Reports prove that at least 20% of the rape cases are false allegiances. This proves that women are taking advantages in not all but surely in some situations. This represents the loopholes in law, that when something happens to a women it is considered bad and we are supposed to feel sorry for it, but there is not even a basic consideration that what if all the above crimes to women happen to men. Why don’t we consider the probability that it can happen to man as well, just because we think and consider that men are fearless and strong, shouldn’t we think about the men who are vulnerable and weak. Not only regarding rape but we have seen clear signs of sexism when it comes to other crimes like the wife blackmailing the husband to file a case under the Dowry Prohibition Act, even if there was no abuse or violence, and before the amendment in 2018 adultery which has been stated as a crime under Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, it only considered the man as the person aggrieved and never the women, the wife was considered to be the property of the man, and it was concluded that the man should be punished in cases of adultery and never the women as they are considered to be a special category in the society, and there is no harm in giving them special provisions. Only after 70 years of struggle adultery has finally been decriminalised in India. 

Overall, I wanted to say that there are situations where we women have been clearly misusing our rights. I feel that we have come close to a day where being born as a man will be considered bad, due to all the current laws. Feminism truly means to give men and women equal rights, but in some situations women have an edge over men, they are being exploited and affected. This can be solved if our legislature recognises the threat to men also. Our laws should get more stricter and their application should be done in an effective ans efficient way. All, its hight time and sexism against men should also be taken into consideration. 

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