What is wrong with the Indian education system?

India has produced a lot of talented engineers like M. Visvesvaraya,A.P.J Abdul Kalam,Sundar Pichai,talented entrepreneurs like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, J.R.D Tata , Ratan Tata and a lot of famous actors, architects, doctors and lawyers who are extremely talented, but these are just few people. A majority of Indian population is not successful, and we can’t always blame over-population for it, because this time it’s the education system that’s at fault.Our education system is far behind many other countries. There is a huge gap between the rural and the urban education.The poor who are extremely knowledgeable, are not in competition with the privileged urban students, who are technically advanced. Even after all these years, there has been very little change in our education system, we still follow the STEM system. It stands for Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths with English as a mode of instruction. We have smart students showing excellence in their academics, but lack speaking and communicating skills. Our government has introduced a lot of literacy programmes, but what is it used for if people, if the foundation of our education system itself is wrong. 

Historical view:- 

Earlier ancient Indians followed the ‘Gurukul’ type of an education system here, the students stayed at the teachers house and studied. The advantage of this type of an education was that the students received personal attention from their teacher, so they could easily excel in their academics, but the disadvantage was that only Brahmins and Kshatriyas were allowed to attend these classes. Later another type of an education system came into play, the open type, and Ekalavya was the first student of this type of an education system. The whole system changed when the Britishers ruled our country, and since then had very little changes. 

Problems in our education system:- 

● Our education system is split between state board , CBSE and ICSE , this gives rise to a huge inequality among students, the state board always occupies the lower level , CBSE the middle and ICSE the top. The state board students are incompetent when compared to the other two. 

● There is always a gap between the public and the private schools, while most of the public schools require no to minimum fee, they lack a lot of basic facilities and the quality of education is very bad, the teachers teach for the sake of teaching and not to educate the students. The private schools on the other hand are usually scammers who loot the money of helpless and ignorant parents. 

● India always secures a place in the top 10 for student suicides and the reason for this is that the students are just evaluated based on their marks and not on their talents and fields of speciality. 

● Lack of moral science classes also lead students to just become a capable human, but there is absolutely no values and discipline instilled in them. 


The government and other institutions are trying hard to bring some important changes in the education system, but without the support of teachers, parents and students it is not possible. The schools must be encouraged to introduce different types of teaching and learning ways. The priority of the education system must be the excellence of the students, and not just getting high marks. The teachers must be better equipped and trained. Most importantly, teach the students to study because they should achieve excellence and not success.

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