Take it from a college student who is home with parents all the time due to COVID- 19, chocolate at this point in my life is the only thing that is keeping me sane, chocolate is the cure to all problems in life.
This lock down has shaken my self-confidence and I now call my myself a little stress ball. But if anything in this world is perfect, then it’s chocolate. Chocolate is the personification of human emotions. Are you happy? You eat chocolate. Are you sad? You eat chocolate. Are you tired? You eat chocolate. Are you bored, my friend? you eat chocolate. That also basically sums up how much money I spend on chocolate but it’s okay I’m helping the economy grow and that’s the truth. Yet, to help my bank account than the economy, sometimes I to make chocolate at home. Yes, I make chocolate at home from scratch. That’s how I was a female who menstruates cope with pain and sadness. It’s chocolate its perfect and more perfect. Amazingly, the answer to all my problem is chocolate or ice cream. To release this stress, I make amazing homemade chocolate which is delicious. It’s a truly amazing thing to do because the final product is always a fresh batch of decadent chocolate. Let’s make mouthwateringly smooth homemade chocolate today.

First, I want you to take an additional 1 cup of sieved milk powder to a bowl(the milk powder oddly reminds me off the milky bar). Take another bowl and add sieved cocoa powder to it. The mil powder and cocoa powder are sieved to break any lumps and its easier to mix the ingredients together. Now mix the two powders. Add ¼ cup of milk to the mixture, 2 tablespoons of melted butter (melted not burnt), 3 tablespoons of condensed milk (i advise you to taste the condensed milk, it’s forking great.) The smell from the mixture should be heavenly and should remind you of chocolate ice cream(it also means that you are hungry ). Mix thoroughly mix the mixture until the mixture is smooth. Now, this is the crucial step where you can make the chocolate to suit your taste. If you like it to be more on the sweeter side, then add icing sugar to the mixture. Go on, you can add anything, peppermint, spices or chilli…the list goes on. As long as the taste of the chocolate makes sense to you, it’s going to be beautiful. Now grease a microwave-safe tray and pour the mixture on it. microwave for 4 minutes and set the tray down to cool off the mixture. Pour the mixture into your desired mould, refrigerate it for 1 hour and voila your chocolate is ready now, we should find a cosy place, sit and eat chocolate and smile ’cause that’s what life should be. this is how I’ ve dealt with stress and anxiety during the lockdown and trying to stay afloat. chocolate is truly one of mankind’s favourite comfort food and rightly so. So why don’t we all try to make some homemade chocolate today

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