Slums are the mirrors for every country in which they are…. Even we can say slums shows mirror to every person who thought that their life are just ruined…slums shows that how one can live in limited resources, slums shows that hoe one have struggle for every drop of water, slums shows that how much struggle one have to do on each day to earn sufficient money to buy food for every day…slums shows that how many taunts one have to hear every day from their bosses……..

Mumbai “The Dream city” hold the biggest slum area in India known as Dharavi. Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi, is spread over an area of 1.75 km along the Mahim river in central Mumbai. Dharavi is just one of many slum areas in city of Mumbai.

In”The Heart of India” the Slum population was considered as 20% of the total population of Delhi, It also has largest child labours. These slum tend to bank of river yamuna.

“The city of flyovers” has Nochikuppam (Chennai) slum with 1,300 huts where around 5 thousand people live below poverty level and they don’t have enough money for two meals a day.

“The City of Joy” Kolkata has slum area known as Basanti slum, it is one of the major slum areas in kolkata. One third of Kolkata’s population, lived in 2011 registered and 3500 unregistered slums.

 “The City of Nizam” Around 624689 peoples live in slums area of Hyderabad. There is very little land available for all the people’s live in  104 identified and 24 unidentified slums in Hyderabad.

“The Orange city” Nagpur has 424 legal slum area’s, Sarojnagar is just one of the 424 slums in the city. In Nagpur, approximately 40 % of the population live in slums. These slums are home to over 1,42,000 people and cover about 1,600 hectares of prime land.Due to struggle for land in Maharashtra, it was making second largest slum area in Nagpur after Dharavi Mumbai.

“The City of Nawabs” Lucknow’s population includes large numbers of poor people, many of who live in slums. 20000 persons living in 22 of the 460 slums in Lucknow city.

Approximately 440000 people live in slums within the city. Ahmadabad is home to a large population of poor peoples living on the river banks. River side slums in Ahmadabad are about 40 yr old.

Why the slums has created:

·      Due to lack of education

·      Due to increasing rate of population

·      Due to urbanization

·      Due to poverty etc…

There are many reasons which are responsible for creation of slums not only in India but in all over the world…

Why we all always think that HUM KYA KAR SKTE HAIN…HAMARE AKELE KE KARNE SE KYA HOGA…so I just want to say to you all that CHANGE HOGA…if we all start initiatives at our levels then we can bring a change. At least we can sponsor a child’s education…at least we can help one person financially….if every person sponsor only one child’s education then we can definitely make a bright future of our country…



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