A bore day in Pandemic

The world is facing a pandemic situation where we have to maintain social distance, wear mask use sanitizer. Prior to this Covid-19 we all have one thought somewhere in mind in which the workaholic would think ‘I wish my company start work from home twice a week’, the student would think ‘I wish teacher could come home and take attendance’. Now, when this things are reality we curse it too.

A new day is not the same day which was yesterday. We usually talk about our bright days or good days you can define the day a good day as per your opinions.

Nowdays, mostly all of us is at home partially with no works ( partially because we all have some household work to do) so yeah pat on our own back for doing that and add these things in our daily routine.

A normal day is getting up early in the morning it gets better when we sleep more half an hour without mom’s interference by switching off the fan. Then eating something before brush. Yeah! that’s also a new normal. Taking bath on alternate days. Reading books which was on our list but we could not complete it or binge watch of web series on Netflix in between munching and roam around the house. Taking brunch. Chit-chatting, video calls makes our normal day a better one. The add-ons are educational webinars, workshops, training programmes etc. Then the dinner and this ended up the day.

All day are not same. A day which is normal but it’s not a normal day in our own minds. Someday we feel we should remain silent we enjoy our own company or its just we debate with our own self in our own respective mind. A day where we juggle with our life decisions we took earlier. There comes a stage where we feel its all fallen apart. Life is not going in the same way we planned in our own minds. It’s just a mixture of feelings all together. Sometimes we play a song on loop in which only the lyrics are heard in our ears not the music. Where we start making our own hypothetical situation and make our self the actor/actress, director, story writer, editor all in one. In that situation we lead to many emotions all together we feel happy, we feel like crying our heart out, we come to our own conclusions or maybe we can say climax of our own movie. In this pandemic situation we come across many such dilemmas where we questioned our own existence on the planet earth. Whereas, on other hand we got to know many such little secrets of our parents which they were hiding it for years if not secrets we all have had heard childhood stories of our parents in these pandemic days.

We had come across such days prior to this pandemic but we didn’t think this hard how we are doing it now. As in past days we were surrounded by many things not only human beings but also non-living things. So we don’t let our mind to think more about things which are not existing they pop-up in our mind but somewhere down the line we do not let them indulge our mind and the surrounding help us in that. In my views we can still control our own minds if they went on a wrong path for a day. We can make them calm by involving ourselves in the areas which we have our interest in like our hobby. We can also start a conversation with our family members never forget we have their back. We can also call our best friends or people who are close with us. We are together in this Pandemic situation we should listen, support and help each other.

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