Anxiety is a concoction of feelings of worry, tension and fear. In India, alone 44.9 million people are dealing with anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a necessary survival instinct that had helped humanity survives. It produces adrenaline a hormone responsible for flight or fight response, it helps us fight dangers or to run away from them. Now the feelings or fear and worry revolve around our jobs, family and money. The nervous feeling before an important event is now a prolonged feeling of worry and stress. When anxiety is left untreated for a long time it can develop into anger. The socio-cultural aspects of our Indian society make it difficult for individuals with mental illness to come forward and get help. The stigma is still rooted that anyone who goes to a mental health facility is seen as crazy or disturbed.
Anxiety during lockdown can be tough. Anxiety can be divided into different disorders based on their severity or triggers. They are general anxiety disorder, agoraphobia which is anxiety which is triggered when they are forced to be in public situations, social anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks and separation anxiety. A constant state of worry or fear might lead to panic attacks or bottled up stress turns into frustration which in turn becomes anger. During times of uncertainty where students worry about their academics, grad students who worry about future prospectus, a worker who are losing their jobs, anxiety are on the rise. Unprocessed anxiety can lead to anger issues as these feelings of fear or worry are left unacknowledged. The anger that is sourced from anxiety is not intentional but it is a natural reaction to anxiety. When these feelings are left untreated it’s normal for people to lash out because they do not know how to cope with it. But there are 5 things you can do to or tips that might help with anxiety.

1.People with anxiety usually tend to follow a routine they are comfortable with. In a lockdown, folks with anxiety should not lose track of their routine as it keeps them comfortable.
2.People how to suffer from panic attacks have many techniques that calm them down. One of my favourite techniques is sucking on an ice cube. Sucking on the ice cube distracts your mind from whatever is troubling you.
3.Staying connected with friends and family is important as social connectedness is important.
4.Minimizing the time spent on social media is a good option as social media is littered with constant news on coronavirus which might trigger anxiety in lockdown.
5.Talking to supportive friends or a mental health professional is always a good option.

Anxiety is treatable and there are many different ways it can be helped. The pandemic will pass and the thing will return to normal but something will remain different. The key to lessening the anxiety is to be kind to others and ourselves. We are going to some difficult times but life will always go on.

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