We know that for our living oxygen is must if there will be no oxygen on earth then we’ll die in few seconds……then why the oxygen giver is not necessary for us??  Yes I am talking about tress.. not about the artificial oxygen cylinder!!!!!

We all know very well that if there is no oxygen then there will be no life. Then why we cut the trees??….now you will say that when we have cut the trees?? So my answer is..

you have cut the trees when you ask a high quality paper notebook.

 You have cut the trees when you ask for the softest tissue paper….

 you have cut the trees when you ask for wood furniture…. you know what.. that for good furniture they cut the growing tree…

I am not saying that you should not use the paper notebook…if you are using it then please don’t ask for softest paper because you will use that paper only one time and then that will be no use for you but for that paper don’t know how many trees will have to cut down and you know very well that trees doesn’t grow in all over a night they take time…

I am not saying that you should not use tissue paper use it but please don’t ask for softest…because for the softest they cut the growing trees….

i am not saying that you should not use wooden furniture use it but in a limited quantity….our use of limited quantity will save many trees from cutting.. you know what, the data shows that from 2005 to February 2018, a total of 112,169 trees have been cut — an average of 24 per day….

Trees not only cut for the wood, paper, and so on tress also cut for some projects…..

If in a project trees are making disturbance then the question is that don’t we have talented engineers if they are truly engineers then why they don’t make a synergy between the project and the trees? Why they don’t provide a solution in which trees don’t cut and their work also be get done …

Another aspect:

·      Trees give us shelter

·      Trees give us food, fruit

·      Trees combat climate change

·      Trees clean the air

·      Trees provide oxygen

·      Trees cool the temperature of earth

·      Trees help to prevent water pollution, soil erosion

and there are so many things which we get from trees. But what we give back to them in return??Nothing…. we just cut them and kill them….and have you ever thought that what we have done for the earth?…for the trees..? some of us may be done something for trees may be they have plant trees it’s good but what about others?…is not this sad that they provide us our lifeline and  in return we end their life!!! We all want development but not on a big cost we want development but by not harming the nature if there will be no nature then where will you do development if you will harm the earth your home then if there will be no home of yours then where will you do the development…. where ?? now you will say if they cut the trees for their project legally then they also plant the new trees…but you know what….what is the reality??…they just plant the trees in paper. Not on the ground level…they just show their papers that they have plant the trees but the reality is far away from this…but they don’t think that if there will be no paper provider in future then what they will show LEGALLY….

we can save our planet by planting more trees….if only one person will plant only one tree then think there are 130 crore person how many tress will grow and please if you are planting the trees then please take care of them in their growing age….because everyone focus on planting the trees no one is interested in  taking care of them …..if you will not give them water then they will definitely die and remain you all are wise you all understand that what is valuable for us and what is harmful for us…..so please wake up …..

 If we can’t plant a tree then please don’t cut the tree if we can’t do good for others then please don’t do bad for them…if they are providing us lives then please let them live too…let them live too…..

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