World Cousin’s Day

On 24th July every year we celebrate National Cousins Day. Cousins are the relatives having common forefathers. This is the day to mark the irreplaceable bond between the cousins of a Family. A bond which defines the sweet and salty relationship between the Cousins. Right after birth, a child gets to know about his Family, here he grows up slowly and steadily. Family is the foremost belongingness of a child. He gets his emotion and basic moral values from his parents. He gets to understand how to deal with the surroundings around us. Now, the awareness of friendship is served by the cousins. Friendship is the core element which joins the cousins together. Cousins are our first friend. Having such a friend as a family member is a blessing from God. When a child takes the first step towards growing up, he celebrates his birthday after inviting all his cousins and blows the candles. He starts enjoying and that sense of association helps him to prosper. As because concept of Joint family is rare nowadays, the cousins come from abroad or from another state to join the festivities. Also, during the get together, they spend the best family time together. Sharing foods, toys, clothes becomes an integral part of this special bond. This also strengthens the relation between the cousins and links them together. Sometimes, the elder ones tend to irritate the younger ones more and they become oppose of each other. All these are the humorous parts of childhood. The elder ones not only annoys them but also helps them in best possible ways. A cousin is your friend, philosopher and guide. Often the elder ones, helps and guides the younger ones in the in their home works. Cousins gets scolding from their mother together. There is no bond on earth as selfless and innocent as the love for your cousins. As the child blooms, it becomes the responsibility of the cousins to guide him in the best ways possible. Elders performs this duty to make him understand the reality of outer world and show him the right path. It is so nice to have someone so close to you. Many a times, our friends betray us, leaves us, abuses us but along with your cousin you stand strong. He will stay with you forever. Your cousins won’t be expecting anything from you. No family gatherings are special without the presence of your cousins. They make the family complete. We all have that one WhatsApp group where we share all the memes and crack jokes along with our cousins. Cousins will realize if you are in any kind of trouble and will make sure you don’t suffer all alone. Cousins are the best replacement of siblings. Things can go somewhat wrong with siblings but it never gets wrong with the cousins. The age of Cousins do not vary much, just a few years of difference. You can talk to them the hole night, watch a movie together. It won’t ever get boring. The best part is our cousins knows all the family secrets as much as we do. During holidays the cousins coming down to visit you home is constant for all the ages and this routine won’t ever change. Getting excited about when they are coming with how many gifts during summer or winter breaks is the funniest thing.

A the child tends to become a teenager, he faces a lot of difficulties in sharing the problems with parents, hence cousins then becomes more easy going. Cousins knows you the best and provides you a lot of inspirations within no time. Cousins influences to become better also punishes you for wrong doings. They listen to you without judgements, share their own experiences, and motivates you all the time. Your misdeed reminds the of all their mistakes and makes sure you don’t repeat them. You can always trust them no matter what, they won’t harm you in any ways. They can pass your thoughts to the parents so you don’t feel embarrassed. All needs to work nowadays hence gets a very less time to unite, hence arranging family gatherings more often will help you to get social and feel nostalgic once again. Never hurt your cousins or fight with them, they are your personal rare attachments, never lose them. Hence, Lets do something special this day, make sure to call your cousins or drop a message, just remind them they are important and mean a lot to you. Show them you are grateful for all their love and support throughout. Also, love the children of your cousins as much as you can, they are dearest to you.

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