Contribution of Health Workers – Real Heroes.

The Hero for us is mostly a superstar, for whom we stand up and applaud in the cinema halls. These are our reel life heroes whom we admire a lot and millions of people follows them. Do we ever look back take some time to appreciate what the real life heroes do for us. We are a lot privileged to have these people around us who will stand by strongly no matter what. Real life heroes are mainly the Social service providers like Doctors, Soldiers or Health workers who single handedly holds the Earth together. The systems will break down in no time if these people fails to or if they aren’t competent to do their work seriously. What would have happened if they haven’t served so much for he society? Working towards a national cause is the best policy of serving the humanity. Existence would have seized if these people weren’t available there for contributing towards needs of the society. Heath workers, maybe we don’t recognize them as much as we do to the Superstars, but their contribution isn’t any less. Heath workers are the Pillars of society, they are those people who helps to cure patients and takes care of them so they heals properly. They have to deal with a lot of patients suffering from various physical or mental ailments. They look after those victims constantly and convinces them about the beauty of life, also helps in preventing further problematic situations for them. They in turn contribute to the health workforce. We actually owe a lot and will be supremely grateful for and never disrespect them.

In this present scenario we get a lot of information through media that so many health workers are randomly getting affected by the Covid 19 and also some are losing lives because of this cause. This is so heart wrenching to hear of their demise for such a noble cause i.e., providing service to the public. They are disguised Gods who give a new life to the broken people. A patient who has lost all hopes and is waiting for the end needs a lot of motivation and guidance for accepting that they deserve to live more and fight back. This mental support is very much needed and is very much needed and is provided by the health working. Not just this day, the Health workers are doing this jobs since the starting of the pandemic, all over the world. The health workers initially started their duties with testing to trace the covid 19 patients. It was their primary duty to detect whoever is corona positive. Then they isolate those patients and also provides utmost care and concern to them. It is really difficult to wear those Personal Protective Equipment kits which has been prescribed by the Medical Association of India. We don’t know whether they take proper food or nutrients. yet cannot do anything about that. Health workers also voluntarily fulfills the requirements of those who stays in Home quarantine.

For the Health workers, Work is God, their family becomes secondary to them. As because they are liable towards society they cannot take a leave any day and go to meet with their family. Even if the Family requires them urgently, many a times they are unable to attend social gatherings or meetings. The family deliberately misses them, like we all do and they sadly so cannot indulge themselves in all the happiness either. They are so dedicated towards their work, they rarely takes up holidays. Many health workers have to work 24 * 7 and no body knows when a patient would need a First Aid. They even do not get proper mess or rooms to stay. Random cases are over the media nowadays where frequently these people are abused or harassed due to the fear of Covid. Their families are tortured and thrown out of their homes. This shows that hardly any humanity is left within us any more. They do not get Honors or Prizes ever, they don’t need such but all we can do is provide them with proper empathy and acceptance. They are our real life Heroes and the children should learn and read more about them and get inspired by their work spirits. Children shall look up to them as their role model. They are the strong walls on which the community stands intact.

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