As we all know that there are multi culture in India …in every state of India you will find a collection of different cultured people…like, their language will be different…. their costumes will be different …their rituals will be different…but only one thing is there which provides uniqueness to India , that all the people live together…..whatever their background is , they cooperate and compromise and live with unity….

we have seen so much examples of their unity…some are as follows:

we see a Muslim family’s child is participating in dress competition by wearing lord Krishna’s dress,

 we see that Sikhs are organizing langar for Muslims…

we see that a Muslim girl in Mumbai wins GITA contest…..

we see in a Hindu Ganpati Pandal in Mumbai which became a makeshift venue for Eid Namaaz for Muslims, as the nearby mosque had run out of space……..

We see in Mumbai a woman was in a critical condition and about to deliver when some female devotees took her to the Ganpati Temple, Wadala, Mumbai and gave birth to a baby boy. And, couple named the boy “Ganesh”.

We see when soldiers are on border they are there for India not for their religion.

We see when a cricket match is going on then everyone whatever they are they just cheer for India like, indiaaaaaa……indiaaaaaa….

we see that Muslims make way on road while Hindus pass silently during Ganesha chaturthi …….and the list is so long….

you know what there are mainly 5 religions India named as, Hinduism,Muslims,Sikhism,Christianity,Buddhism,Jainism…….

you know what there are 22 languages in India named as, Assamese,Bengali,Bodo,Dogri,Gujarati,Kannada,Kashmiri, Konkani,Maithili,Malayalam,Manipuri,Marathi,Nepali,Odia,Punjabi,Sanskrit,Santali,Sindhi,Tamil,Telugu,Urdu and Hindi….At present, as per the Ministry of Home Affairs, there are demands for inclusion of 38 more languages in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.

In India whatever the person is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain….if you ask them that who are they? Then you know what!!! What they will answer??…. They will say that they are AN INDIAN….how many languages speak in India but there is only one language that connect them with each other and that language is of love, humanity, respect, care……SO FEEL PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN…….and I can’t stop my feelings to share the famous lines and that are….


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