Tourism Industry: Survival of the Fittest is the New Normal


Will the tourism industry ever be the same? The question seems to be unanswerable at the moment in this kind of a situation. Tourism plays a very vital as well as important role in determining the economy of a country. Tourism, especially in India constitutes a major part of the economy. But after the Covid 19 pandemic hit the world, tourism has been shut ever since. And more over if it even starts eventually slowly opening up, people would rather prefer to not travel at this stage when the world is being caught by a pandemic. The only the tourism industry could again start and flourish is with the help of a bit of innovation and technology being used in the tourism industry.

Be it the use of Artificial Intelligence or the use of any other means, but innovation is needed. What the tourism industry could use is the power of advertisement, to advertise about the tourist places, the hotels, the places and also adding a dimension of safety initiatives they would provide, so that the tourists are attracted. Be it the use of robots in hotels to welcome the guests rather than people welcoming the guests. This would be innovative as well as use of technology would mean less chances of transmission of infections. The tourist should be offered good offers or attractive discounts so that tourists can’t resist but plan for going for a holiday. The offers could be like giving heavy discounts or giving relaxation on air fare for tourist destinations. One thing which could be done by hotels could be the assurance of safety measures being provided by them to their customers and also about the food they are providing to the customers, is it properly cooked and is it hygienic or not.

See, nowadays customers would be looking more for hygiene rather than the prices of hotels and tourist packages prices. They would be making sure that if the city or country they are visiting for a holiday isn’t well equipped with their health facilities, then they wouldn’t travel there. So, the tourist destinations should also focus now upon improving the health conditions of the destination by a fair and better margin than it was before. Yes, tourism industries profits would take a toll, but as we know this world is a globalised world, travel can’t stop and the world will be back to normal once again. But till then, the tourism industry has to make a well laid down plan with regards to how they will use the technology available in the world to the fullest use so that customers can be attracted towards these holiday destinations back and tourism starts flourishing again. With the use of innovative ideas, the main aim of the tourism industry now should be to focus more on the marketing aspect, much more than they previously did. Because this time it’s not the customers who would come on their own to holiday destinations, but they would have to be lured towards these destinations through aggressive use of advertisements and marketing techniques, which also includes promotions.

Well, yes the pandemic isn’t going anywhere now, but as is said that tough times also go away and a new beginning is always there, so a new beginning for the tourism industry is always there, just a little bit of effort is required.    

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