Child Labour – The real issue of India

Fight for their Childhood: Stop Child Labour!

Child labour this term is more often used in India and we know , why we are well aware of this term. This topic has always been in debate and discussions because child labour is against our laws and it is a crime. But yet we all know that chootu of tea stall who makes us tea, or that chootu in garage who helps his master to fix our vehicles or shall we talk about that chootu who runs behind our vehicles during traffic either begging for money or to sell plastic toys. We might come across a few children like them in our daily life but trust me there are around 12.5 million children who are between the age of seven to seventeen engaged as a child labour. I know that’s too much, one can not even imagine these many number of children are forced to earn money at such a tender age.

Everybody knows that hiring a child to the work is illegal yet why do people still hire them ? well because by doing so they save a lot of money. Yes you got me right, such people know that if they hire a skilled or unskilled adult labour then they have to pay them more but since children don’t know the real value of money , they are deliberately paid half the amount and forced to work like any other adult. Now you must be thinking don’t they raise their voice to get equal pay , no they don’t and even if any child takes the courage to speak up then they are verbally and physically abused by their owners in a such a way that they get scared and the thought of their rights never crosses their mind again.

Child labour is not the only fault of the shop owner who made a child work but the actual fault lies in the government. Child labour has just become a topic to discuss, a topic to to have debate but apart from that no actions are taken against it. Poverty and lack of education are the major factors behind the fact of child labour. It’s not that parents are aware of their child’s situation, they know everything about them but still force them to work because they have no other option left. Poverty is making them so vulnerable that they even get ready to sell their child for money. Parents of such children are bound to send their children to work because they don’t get enough money to feed their family which is why they expect their child to earn in any situation so they can combinedly earn something.

It is hard to believe but there are some worst forms of child labour as well, such as slavery, child trafficking, prostituion , pornography, organised begging, drug trafficking and many more. I understand these words itself are so scary that it is hard to digest but then just imagine what could have been the mental situation of such children involved in such illicit activities. Isn’t it painful to know that there are children in this world who have to go through such hell like activities.

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