Coorg the heaven of Karnataka

Coorg Getaway | Deyor Camps

Coorg or Kodagu the smallest district of Karnataka is also known as the scotland of India is famous for it’s breath taking nature and hills. This little city lies between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. This piece of heaven may also be called the land of roaring hills. It is the home of evergreen rain forest species and coffee plantation.

Coorg has always been the attraction to tourists from various places. It is also known for it’s amazing climate and especially monsoon when it rains heavily. This place is inhabited by a proud race of marital men, beautiful woman and wild creatures. Tourists always get fascinated by it’s awestruck beauty and it’s quaint villages. Coorgi are well known for their warm behaviour and they have a tradition of hospitality. There are many tales of valour related to the people of coorg.

The coorgi regiment is one of the most decorated in the Indian army. General Cariappa, the first chief of indian army was a coorgi. Almost all people of coorg belonged to a warrior family. There is also an interesting thing about coorg and that is almost every family have a licence to own a gun and even the ladies of the family know how to fire a gun.

Gun rights of Kodava community extended till 2029 | The News Minute

Coorg is well known for it’s coffee plantations . Coffee estates are in abundance and plantation tours are best to have an experience. It is also known as the land of kaveri since this sacred river originates from this beautiful place called Bramhagiri in coorg. Coorg’s history also has deep links to british rule, which later improved the place with good administration and also established many educational institutions, which improved the economic condition of coorg. It has also produced many notable people such as C.B.Muthamma , the first woman to clear the Indian civil services exam and the first woman indian foreign service officer , M.P.Ganesh the former Indian hockey captain, Prema Cariappa the first woman mayor of bangalore and many other great personalities belonged to this beautiful city.

People of karnataka say that if there is a heaven then it is in coorg. And i completely agree with them. I am sure it is a piece of heaven that must have drifted from the kingdom of God .

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