Drugs…what are drugs? Drugs are those which can destroy a person’s life…drugs…are those which can spoil not only that person who taking it rather it also destroys the family of that person…drugs…are those which ruined the dreams of the person who is taking it as well as it also ruin the dreams , the expectations of his family members also….once you take it then it will never leave you …. You will try harder and harder but it will make a home in you….it takes a determination to leave it….we all have heard that don’t know how many homes it has destroyed by how many teens, youngsters who are consuming it has brutally spoiled their life as well as their parent’s life….
What are reasons behind the consumption of drugs…..what is the reason that insist a person to choose death by paying his/her whole life…we have find some reasons because of them a person start to take it and right in front of eyes it becomes an addiction…here are causes of use of drugs:

• Grieving a death- When a person’s loved one died then the person start taking drugs because he/she suffered emotionally a lot. So they choose to decrease their pain by taking drugs they want to forget their fear of losing them.

• End of a relationship- This the most common reason among teens & youngsters…when they face a situation like break up, and end of their long term relationships they feel emotionally very bad they thought they have nothing left in this life and to forget that person they start taking drugs.

• Mental illness- Those who feel depression, anxiety type situations they start taking drugs to get rid of this….but they don’t know that the drugs are not going to make them free in future.

• Environmental influences- Growing up in poverty and in bad friendship leads to insist a person for taking drugs.

• Relaxation- In adult age since there are many responsibilities to take over so these adults make balance between the responsibilities and fun. They start taking drugs on weekends….but they don’t think that it will cause of their life’s end.

• Self-medication- We know everyone is facing struggles in their life everyone is facing physical or emotional pain but there are some people who start taking drugs to forget this pain.

• Financial burdens- The most common reason among the job seekers….sometimes there is only one child in family to be eligible to work but when he/she has no work and they are facing financial crisis then they start consuming drugs.

• Career pressures- Career pressures have become the most dangerous now a days as we see when the result comes then there are lot of students who thought of suicide, some get suffered by depression and some start taking drugs because they think that there is no option left in their life.

• School pressures- There are some students who start taking drugs because of work load they face in their school life.

• Family demands- Someone has said that EXPECTATION KILLS . Due to family demands and family pressures people start taking drugs.

• Peer and Social Pressure- Apart from family pressure there is also social pressure because of this people got depressed and start taking drugs.

• Abuse and trauma- As we know that if someone is weak then society starts making joke of him/her and specially when someone couldn’t crack the exam then their own family members start abusing them like that look at sharmaji ka ldka….

• Boredom- There are some people who feel boredom and they want something adventurous ion their life then in the discovery of their adventure they start taking drugs….and what kind of the adventure happen in their life we all know..

• Curiosity and experimentation- There are some people who have curiosity about new things and they want to do experiment with all new things because of this thinking they start taking drugs.

• Isolation- People who live all alone they have measure chances to get suffered with depression because they have no one to share their feelings. And because of this they start taking drugs and when they come in to society they show themselves absolutely fine….but they are not.

• Misinformation or ignorance- As always rumors spread faster than the truth….so rumors about the drugs mostly distract the teens. Because in this age they don’t know what is right for them or what is wrong..

• Instant Gratification- In today’s time everyone is in hurry, everyone wants instant result, everyone wants instant happiness so they start taking drugs….and they feel a instant satisfaction but this is not a satisfaction this is unconsciousness…..and this is short term and when they get addicted to this then this unconsciousness remain constant in their lives.

• Wide availability- The wide use of drugs may be the result of easy availability of this.

There are several ways by which one can get rid from the drugs:

  1. If you have lose someone you love most then please cry a loud so that your all pain come out from your mind ..and remember this the rule that who have taken birth then he/she will definitely die one day…and if theirs that one day come in to life early then it’s ok we can’t do anything in this. We should remember them by their loving memories not by the consumption of drugs….always remember that JEENA KAISE HAI YEH HMARE HAATH MEIN HAI….so if you have someone in your life then live with them with full joy, make memories….that’s why there is a saying that LIVE & LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE.
  2. If you are in a situation where you faced rejection or break up then please move on there are a lot of another things in life apart from this …and always remember GOD HAS ALWAYS A BETTER PLAN FOR US…..may be we don’t understand this on that time but have patience you will going to face a very beautiful thing of your life in future…
  3. If you are facing a situation something like depression , end of opportunities, thoughts of suicide then the just share with your parents, family members, friends from whoever you think that this person will appreciate me then just go and talk with him/her if they are not available then no problem…fix a meeting of your problems to your solutions…just fix a meeting of your problems with real you…the stronger you…..if someone has not show faith in you…..then please ..show faith in you by yourself….
  4. There are some situations where we feel that we are not getting actual result of our hard work then remember that it is not necessary that your 100% is also a 100% for others….just try your bestest…..try to find out your mistakes…and come up with a better one…and learn from them who have selected and observe that what they have done which you have not did..
  5. First thing that you should always remember that you have to choose your friends very wisely there are a lot of people who is going to spoil your life….but there only few who will wish good for you…and most importantly it doesn’t matter that from which family background you are either it is rich, middle class or poor remember…gareebi mein paida hona hamari galti nahi balki usi gareebi mein marna hamari galti hai….because if you are dying in that poverty that means you have not done anything for your better life…
  6. Some people want instant results…..but you all know very well that a plant can’t make a fruitful tree in all over a night it takes many years it takes lot of struggles…
  7. If you are facing any kind of emotional or physical pain then face it not start taking drugs to forget it…if you will forget it then one day again it will come in to your life so start facing it and make this pain you strength not your weakness.
  8. Financial crisis the biggest problem in may ones life….if you have financial problems then start searching for the possible ways and please don’t go for the bad ways because they can give you result instantly but they will not going to give you peace and you will fall again…
  9. If you are facing career failures then remember it is just a beginning a result cant let you stop to learn new things , new skills learn new skills and make the best version of yourself. There are some students who start taking drugs because of work load then ask your parents that how they have faced it….and this work load is not a work load in reality rather you should enjoy while doing the work of schools or your workplace because you know that this time will never going to repeat….so just enjoy….if you feel it in workplace then there is a possibility that you haven’t choose your field according to you may be you are working there for your family to just earn money then start enjoying it start to do your favorite work side by side.
  10. If you are feeling any kind of trauma or abuse then please keep yourself away from the negative people and just do a lot of hard work and shoe them that what you really are and one more thing don’t pay attention to sharmaji ka ladka..here is also one thing to all parents and relatives please don’t taunt your child…just think how you will feel when he/she start disrespecting you and please don’t compare your child to sharmaji ka ladka/ …when you will lose your child then sharmaji will not going to give you his child……your child is only the one piece in the world God has given him/her their talent… in place of abusing them help them in their tough time …help them to achieve their dreams…then you will be more happy..
  11. If you feel bore then read about the great personalities, start dancing , singing whatever you feel good but again I will say don’t choose bad for yourself you will think that only 1 baar.. but this is going to be very harmful for yourself as well as for your family also. And if you have curiosity and loving to do experiment then start reading science….start understanding the problems of people and then do experiment make something that is beneficial for you as well as for every one.. then they will give you blessings and this will be the best reward for you…
    12 . Those people who have to live alone then they should talk to their friends, family, and start learning that in which they feel peace.
    If someone is misguiding you then leave that please immediately as I said earlier just always make a proper distance from negative people and from negativity…if can’t then make positivity level higher….that nobody can ever use you according to them.
    And the last thing for those who sell these drugs….. if you can’t do good for a person then please don’t do bad for them …for the sake of some rupees you just destroy don’t know how many lives….remember that JAISA KAROGE WAISA BHAROGE……another appeal to all the people who is reading this if you suffering from any above mentioned situation then always remember that every problem has a solution….every problem come with its solution….if you are feeling bad then cry loudly…there is nothing wrong in this ..at least by this all the pain will come out from your heart… and one more thing that you all are thinking that KAHNA ASAN HOTA HAI….yes I agree with this but KARNA BHI ASAN HO JATA HAI when you have courage, Determination…. and a will power that you will be win….

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