Today the whole World is experiencing an extraordinary situation emerging out of this Global Pandemic and this consequent lockdown. Amid of this unpredictable lockdown has resulted into an abrupt halt, with the GDP curve falling flatter week by week one might have thought the academic world would suffer a lot. For the future is in the hands of learning ones.

In such times students across the world are losing their valuable time in their education during the imposed lockdown amidst fear of pandemic. Because of the forced closer of education institutions, the entire higher education system has been badly affected mainly the board year students and the final year ones.
No wonder, how emotionally and psychologically it might have drained within the children as well as their parents. Thus at this junction the educational institutions are in the need for a rapid evolutions and adaption of the advanced technology. It’s the time for emerging of online learning (or E-Learning), the most effective option for both students/ teachers as well as the college/university management.

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