Hard Work vs Smart Work

Working Hard vs Working Smart - UrbanAreas.net

There’s always a debate going on whether to prefer hard work or smart work. An American religious leader Gordon B. Hinckley once said “without hardwork nothing grows but weeds” which clearly states that hard work is something without which success can not be expected. But when it comes to today’s date do you still believe the same ? Years back people did not have access to proper education, people then managed to survive by working hard either in their fields or by working under merchants. All they knew was to work hard in order to have a simple and happy life but days are not the same now. Everything has changed now, people are way more smart now and are reaching new heights by using their smartness.

People now use their brain more to live a happy life, gone are those days when people physically struggled to get their work done. I believe smart work is something which has taken a great from in recent days. In order to be successful people are now focusing more on their smartness than working hard. It is believed that people who focus more on smart work use their brain more efficiently and try to find out even easy ways to get their work done when compared to hard workers.

Smart work requires a lot of analysis. A few hours of analysis can help a person to achieve success even faster. It is also believed that smart workers not only complete their work in less time with utmost efficiency but also lead a stress free life since they don’t invest more time in working hard. Many world leaders including our very own prime minister believe the concept of smart work is way more successful than the concept of hard work. In fact companies like Amazon, TCS , Infosys and many other similar successful companies are majorly interested to recruit smart workers than hard workers because they understand that only smart workers can achieve the organisational goals in a short span of time. Top business leaders now believe that smart work is the new hard work and hence are now hunting people who are good at working smart.

But is it okay to completely ignore hard work ? no it isn’t because hard work might take a long time to give a positive result but smart work is something whose result might not be positive everytime. Initially when a person tries to work smart it is expected that he/she will be facing failures a couple of times but once the concept of smart work is understood everything becomes very easy. Also as i said hard work can not be ignored in order to have a successful future or in order to balance the work life. Smart work combined with hard work results in fast and long lasting success and thus makes life easier. Well i think the time has come where we have to focus more on smart work than hard work in order to work efficiently.

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