Mumbai and pune to help test oxford’s covid vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine updates: AstraZeneca-Oxford University's COVID ...

Maharastra the 2nd largest and 3rd most populated state of India reported it’s first corona case on 9th march 2020 in Pune . Slowly maharastra went on to become the hotspot for covid-19 and claims one third of the total corona cases in India. Also the state has the highest number of deaths with a fatality rate of 4.3%. On today’s date Mumbai has the most number of confirmed cases where as Pune has the most number of active cases.

Both the cities Mumbai and Pune comes under red zone area and are still considered as hotspot for covid-19. But irrespective of this situation these two cities will contribute towards the trail of vaccine.

Pune based serum institute of India partnered with Oxford to manufacture the vaccine developed by Oxford university in large volumes. The institute will start vaccine trail on 5k people in pune and Mumbai by august end. The company’s chief executive Adar poonawalla said the company is putting 200 million dollars at risk by manufacturing 300 million doses before the company gets the permission the launch the vaccine.

It is said that the vaccine produced by the Oxford university is safe. Preliminary results have shown that it causes no harm to human being and induces immune reaction. The university itself announced that it shows satisfactory progress and it can be the vaccine for corona virus.

The university has tied up with the serum institute to supply the vaccine to 60 countries including India which has a total population of 3 billion also they expect the vaccine to get ready by the year end which comes out to be positive relief for the indians.

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