Selection is one of the most important process in human resource management. Selection is the process of choosing or selecting the right candidate with requisite qualification and competence to fill the vacant job position in the organisation. In other words, it is the process of examining or interviewing the candidates, evaluating their qualities and choosing the best candidate for a specific job. Selection is a negative process as it eliminates unqualified or unsuitable applicants inorder to identify the right candidate. As we know selecting a right candidate for a particular position will be an asset for the organisation and this will further help the organisation in reaching its objectives. Selection always succeeds recruitment. As we know that recruitment and selection work hand-in-hand and both play a vital role in the growth of an organisation. The basic objective of selection is to choose best out of the available candidates. Selection is one of the most important process in an organisation as hiring a good candidate can help the organisation in increasing its organisational performance and if we select a wrong candidate it may harm our organisation. A good selection process will ensure that the organisation gets the right set of employees with the right attitude. It helps in selecting the best candidate for the requirement of a vacant position in an organisation. Selection adopts the process through which more and more candidate are rejected and fewer candidates are selected or sometimes even not a single candidate is selected. Therefore, it is known as negative or rejection process. In selection process, highly specialised techniques are required. Therefore, in the selection process, only personnel with specific skills like expertise in using selection test, conducting interviews, etc are involved. Selection process always leads to contract of service between employer and the selected candidate. The outcome of selection process is in the form of finalising candidates who will be offered job. There are many factors which affect our selection process and they are:-

Internal Environmental Factors-

Internal Environmental Factors includes first size of the organisation. As this affects our selection process. If our organisation is small, the more informal our selection decision will be. Second, type of the organisation. If an organisation is more complex it will require more sophisticated selection technique. Third is speed of decision making. The time available to make a selection decision can have major effect on the selection process.

External Environmental Factors –

External Environmental Factors which influence selection process includes first nature of the labour market, second trade union and last one is government regulations.

The selection process is very important and its importance is as follows:-

  • Selecting Suitable Candidate – Selection helps the organisation in picking up the most suitable candidate who would meet the requirements of the job.
  • Places Right Candidate at Right Job – The main aim of selection is to place right candidate at right job so that they can make effective and worthwhile contribution to an organisation.
  • Provides Information about Candidate – Selection process helps in generating information about candidate which can be used in making comparison with other candidate. It can help in assisting in decision making process.
  • Save Cost – Making an effective selection by constant monitoring of the fit between person and the job and helps in saving cost.

Everything has some problems associated with it. There are some problems associated with effective selection they are as follows:-

  • Diversity of Approaches – The diversity of selection approaches and test shows that there is no perfect way to select employees.
  • Perception – Selection process demands to assess and compare competencies of other, with the main aim of choosing the right person for the job. But for this process we all perceive the world.
  • Pressure on Selectors – Politicians, relatives and friends put pressure on the selector to select a particular candidate. And it is always seen that the candidate selected because of compulsion are not the right one.

So an effective selection should be done for the welfare of the organisation.

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