The Trend of Online Shopping

Shopping is indeed a necessary and integral part of our life. We need to shop for meeting the essential requirements also many people tend to shop just for entertainment and fun. Shopping serves the dual purpose of meeting needs and relaxation. The feeling of buying or getting new things is an excitement of a kind. Shopping actually means buying goods from the market in terms of money. Barter system was introduced centuries ago, even before monetary system was invented, as a method of exchanging goods for goods. This process went through a lot of criticisms and wasn’t that fruitful. After that people implemented usage of money as this was a much simplified process. People hence started taking up the habit of buying by transferring of money. This was widely accepted by people and gained much admiration. Earlier people had to travel a long for buying any particular good, as the availability and choices were much lesser than today’s date. Also, it consumed a lot of precious time just to buy one product or food. We don’t have much time to spend on travelling from one place to another and buy products as this was much tiresome. Our lives have become first paced. The structure of shopping has slowly evolved and updated to catch up with the demands of public. Everything is just one click away nowadays. Hence the concept Virtual/ Online shopping came into place which originally changed everything and made the lives of mankind 10 times easier. It is much convenient for our elders or the old aged community to directly order and buy. If a person is disabled and not have anyone to help them out, they can easily make the most use of this platform. Basically Online Shopping has made people much more self dependent. There are a number of applications provides those life saving medicines which may not be found in the markets. English Entrepreneur Micheal Aldrich, the Pioneer started with the whole idea regarding E-commerce in 1979. The whole trend gained popularity in no time. Online shopping is a casual term for E Commerce. This came to be known as the easiest method where we just need to download a shopping application, there are many such apps which deals with online shopping subdivided into various fields of interests like Electronics, Clothes, Cosmetics and Food facilities e t c. Then we have to scroll down the contents and then choose what exactly we are looking for. They also holds the certificates and claims these products to authentic and 100 per cent genuine. Also, various methods of payments are received by these platforms through bank transactions and most commonly the Cash on Delivery option in which you have to pay in hand directly at the time of delivery at your doorstep.

A random problem which many have already faced is the problem of Consumerism. Here, a person is tempted to buy more and more even if they don’t need those items, its just they get manipulated by the reviews made on the products. Many just buy because they just feel like shopping even if its not required by them. In this way they tend to spend more money for no reasons, this is a serious drawback of Online shopping. The varieties and choices given are much more as compared to normal shopping, also many Brands provides clothes or shoes as a much cheaper prices. Also, Online shopping is just a time pass for many, they just scroll down the products to reduce stress and cut down pressure. It becomes just a state of peacefulness for them. Here, people also gets a proper idea of the prices and costs are sometimes slashed due to stock clearance. Also, those craftsman making such items sells them to the online market in bulk. Online shopping sites will be providing you with the best discount and offers no matter what. We spend a much longer screen time and we cannot meet the salesman face to face which increases the loneliness for many, also you cannot strictly bargain here. Most often, such products can be found tampered and damaged, also some items mostly dresses don’t match up with the expectations or don’t fit perfectly. The practice of trailing before buying is excluded from Online shopping platforms which is a headache in many cases. The delivery person, though ensures but fails to provide proper service. A lot of cases are prevalent all over the media where the Online Shopping sites are accused of cheating on their customers and taking unfair means. As because, the teenagers get a wholesome choice, do a lot of researches regarding branded products a lot they forces their parents to buy them, in spite of the higher costs. If they don’t get these items they become arrogant and ill-mannered. Also, the pros is that, in case of any defects the goods can be returned or refunded as promised by the Online sellers.

Online shopping is a lot more convenient and much relevant procedure as to this day because digitalization is the most crucial aspect of our future. Suppose you have invited a few guests and opting for some food, here if you prepare or go out you won’t be able to entertain the guests which is much disrespectful. Hence you will choose what’s easier, i.e., taking out your smartphone and placing the order, many such online shopping platforms also guarantees hassle free payments.

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