Trend of Nuclear Family

Family is the fundamental group of human consisting of parents, children and those closely related by blood. It is fundamental unit of society. Family is most important part of human life. We can say that a person is to the family, by the family, for the family.

Now in recent years, the trend of Nuclear family has increasing. Firstly, the nuclear family is consist of only parents and their children(generally 4-5 members). Approx 54% of household are following nuclear family system. The trend of the nuclear family in urban India, these households are small in size—88% have 3-4 members and there are no senior citizens in these households. The trend of Nuclear family is increasing because of

1) Improved lifestyle – It is thought that in nuclear family one have more money, more luxurious items i.e car, phone, bungalow etc. More options to enjoy the minutes.

2) financial stability – most of parents think that when they opt this family system they will well stable in financial condition. The can save more and spend in proper manner according to their needs.

3) Social obligation – In modern life people wants to less obligations. So it is less obligations in the nuclear family.

4) Declining relationship – due to divorce, declined relationship one have to follow the this system.

5) Privacy and Independence – human need more Privacy and Independence, in nuclear family there less responsibilities and one can enjoy it’s own decisions and particular lifestyle.

There are some other aspects i.e the children of the nuclear family is self centered and selfish tendencies. It can create narrow view to the society. In the emergency situation these got in crisis and cannot be meet their all expectations. There is also problem that these have not emotional support. If we have extended family then everyone is with us and we never feel alone. In the extended family we have found to learn about various view on a particular conflicts/problems which lacks in a Nuclear family.

We must follow such family system in which all members of family feels happy i.e family of Mankind. Now, we can say that whole world is a family.


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