Following the Footsteps of Google: Work from Home is the new Modal                                                                                                  -SHUBHANKAR

The pandemic has been an unprecedented situation not only for a few countries but for the whole world. But the most impacted country of all has been the United States of America. The situation hasn’t improved at all in the US as it looks to reopen after nearly 4 months in lockdown. But as far as experts claim, the Trump administration has failed to make sure that the crisis doesn’t affect one of the largest economies of the world. Yesterday, tech giants Google announced that it is letting its employees work from home for at least another year until July 2021. This decision has been taken in terms of the situation in the United States prevailing because of the Coronavirus.

The US administration and in particular the US President Donald Trump since the start of the coronavirus have always blamed the Chinese government for the outbreak of the virus in not only the US, but around the world. But what the US hasn’t been able to do so far with one of the best healthcare facilities in the world, is to contain the virus spread. The sole reason behind it is the lack of strict restrictions imposed and the willingness of the Trump administration to open the economy back again. The utter eagerness for the economy to be opened back quickly has risked many a lives in the US already and is risking many more. But the appreciation needs to be given to the tech giants google for taking this step, keeping their employees health as a priority over anything else.

What google has done is set an example, that yes we know that these are unprecedented times, but work can be done from home as well. The feeling that work can’t be done from home isn’t the best at all. I know that work should be done at office only, but risking one’s life for the work to be done is the utmost disrespect to one’s work also. The companies need to understand that work can be done from home as enthusiastically as it can be done at the work place physically. With the advancement in technology, working from the comforts of home is the easiest way to work as well as stay safe from the virus which has impacted the whole world, be it the powerhouses of the world or the developing nations. What I want to convey through this article is the fact that companies should make sure that their employees don’t suffer and the work is also not impacted.

In the end, I want to say that what Google did is the best thing to do right now, to make sure that the work is also not compromised and also that safety is established. The thing is to make sure that companies follow the footsteps of google and let its employees work from home for atleast a year from now on until the vaccine is given to each and every person around the world.   

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