Arctic’s Ice is Melting: Nature is in Serious Danger


The obvious news has been confirmed by a group of scientists, that the Arctic is melting. Not only is it melting, its melting at a faster rate now. Around 100 climate scientists went to the arctic and have claimed that they’ve probably witnessed the Arctic’s final summer with ice. Now, that’s a big claim which is very terrifying in the near future for humans. The magnitude of melting of the ice is happening at a very rapid rate. With this rapid development, the major issue is the melting which is now happening at a very large scale. The melting of arctic has raised some serious questions on the environment policy employed by the various powerhouses of the world.

In my opinion, the common people have to understand that their day to day activities are making the earth’s temperature rise at a faster rate, leading to the melting of ice at arctic and leading to the rise in natural calamities all over the world at a very large scale. The use of vehicles at a large scale by people, the use of refrigerators and air conditioners, etc. by people on an increasingly large scale has given rise to the emission of greenhouse gases in the environment. The greenhouse gases make the temperature of the earth rise to seriously high levels. With the rise in temperature, its obvious that the ice would melt and result in natural calamities like floods, tsunamis, etc. What the people need to know that the activities of them have made the earth’s temperature rise. Be it the overuse of air conditioners on an unprecedented scale or the omission of harmful gases from the factories all over the world.

One thing is for certain that, if countries don’t focus on saving the environment, it could haunt the people really badly. With the rise in the cases of natural calamities over the years, the main factor has been the climate change. The governments should make sure that policies are made for saving the environment, making it a topic for discussion in public domain. The government needs to give this topic utmost importance, because the time is very less before everything destroys and we have no option left. The use of the top brains need to be made efficiently so that some solution is found out for this big problem. See, with the rise in sea level, the situation of flooding will definitely increase, resulting in loss of lives of people. But who is to blame? It’s the people themselves. Don’t people think that the overuse they do of air conditioners, it could lead to death of somebody innocent. Yes, it is from natural calamity, but its not that natural. It’s the human made calamity, made from the wrong doings of people, be it the industries omitting harmful gases day in and day out.

In the end, I want to say that the people as well as the government of all nations need to understand that if the environment is harmed at this pace, it will not be long before natural calamities be a part and parcel of the daily routine of the future generation. And if this happens, Earth will surely not remain a place for survival of humans.   

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