Grit: How Mental toughness matters?

Grit is the perseverance and determination to achieve one’s long term goals in life. Grit is also called mental toughness. Grit, is our key to success and self confidence. It becomes more important than our IQ itself. Grit requires, strong passion for doing things, even if things get boring, tiring and frustrating, they wouldn’t give up on their dreams, because of their passion for it. Have you ever wondered why the kid in school who was always the intelligent one or the teacher’s pet or an all-rounder, ended not becoming successful in their careers? It was because of the lack of grit. Grit does much more than intelligence or IQ does to a human being. Grit gives us the extra push we need to achieve something in life. Grit is the ability to persevere even when you face obstacles or fail, it is the ability to work harder, in order to achieve your goals. This is the reason, you find that students who were once failing in school, are very successful in their lives, this is because of their mental toughness, to not give up after failing, and to keep working hard, until they achieve it. 

Importance of grit:- 

Grit can make you hard working. It can make you committed to your work, so that you stick with it until the end. Grit is the driver of both intelligence and talent, so talent without grit or intelligence without grit is equal to a vehicle without fuel that helps it work. Some people are born talented or born smart but without enough grit in life they can never become successful or achieve their goals. Only grit can transform intelligence and talent into a skill that paves your way to success. Grit helps you overcome failure easily. It helps you do extra always, like run an extra round during your exercise sessions, or do extra research on your homework. 

There are some basic characteristics of grit, they are:- 

● Staying strong and overcoming your pain and fear:- A lot of people are way more courageous than they think they are. We need to overcome our fear of failing, a child overcomes it’s fear of starting the first day at school, entrepreneurs overcome their fear of failing when they have to start a new business. Grit helps us overcome them and achieve success in life. 

● Staying committed and positive always:- Have you noticed how determined businessmen are ?. If they won’t be resilient and determined, then they will lose, as there is a lot of cut throat competition in the world of business. We must also be confident and always committed in achieving our goals to be successful. 

● Staying put in order to achieve goals:- Nothing in this world is easily achieved, everything requires hard work, commitment and confidence. Everyone faces failure in life, but a person with grit will always endure the pain, and overcome the failure and try again. If we don’t stick with our goals and try again, we will never achieve them. Grit is a very important aspect of life that is often neglected. People always strive to 

be intelligent and talented, but fail to realise that it’s ultimately the grit that brings them success.

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